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ISAPS Fellowship Hosts

Discover all our ISAPS Fellowship Hosts by region. 

We offer fellowships of 3 months each across 19 locations. These locations are listed under the 5 regions below, which are sorted alphabetically.  When applying, applicants are asked to provide their location preferences taking into consideration visa requirements and travel costs.

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Discover ISAPS Fellowship opportunities in South Africa.

Stuart Geldenhuys

Cape Town, South Africa

Asia Pacific

Discover ISAPS Fellowship opportunities in Asia and Australia.

Puthucode Narayanan

Thrissur, India

Tim Papadopoulos

Sydney, Australia


Discover ISAPS Fellowship opportunities all over Europe.

Heike Klepetko

Vienna, Austria

Patrick Tonnard

Ghent, Belgium

Alexis Verpaele

Ghent, Belgium

Catherine Bergeret-Galley

Paris, France

Dirk Richter

Koln, Germany

Sebastian Haack

Stuttgart, Germany

Giovanni Botti

Salo, Italy

Chiara Botti

Salo, Italy

Jacques van der Meulen

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

H.P. Jeroen Stevens

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Kai Kaye

Marbella, Spain

Julien Brilmaker

Montreux, Switzerland

Nazim Cerkes

Istanbul, Turkiye

Tunc Tiryaki

Istanbul, Turkiye

Akin Yucel

Istanbul, Turkiye

Neil Bulstrode

London, United Kingdom

Naveen Cavale

London, United Kingdom

Middle East

Discover ISAPS Fellowship opportunities in the Middle East.

Babak Nikoumaram

Tehran, Iran

Jamal Jomah

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

South America

Discover ISAPS Fellowship opportunities in South America.

Gustavo Abrile

Posadas, Argentina

Lina Triana

Cali, Colombia

Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia

Medellin, Colombia

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