Welcome to L.I.F.T.

The ISAPS Leadership Insights For Transformation (L.I.F.T.) Program is our newest educational initiative.

ISAPS L.I.F.T. Program

This program is our newest educational initiative that offers transformative and impactful learning resources beneficial to ISAPS member surgeons seeking to develop their leadership skills, executive presence, and overall well-being as they practice.


Discover the four modules that make up the ISAPS L.I.F.T. Program. 

M1: Leading Self

Module 1 covers the fundamentals of presenting, executive presence, and building personal power.

M2: Leading Others

Module 2 covers a number of topics including coaching, mentoring, effective feedback and leading teams.

M3: Personal Wellbeing

Module 3 covers personal health, work-life balance, stress management, and mindfulness.

M4: Strategic Leadership

Module 4 covers the fundamentals of building your practice, career, and creating a long-term vision.


This program is for all ISAPS members, whether you are just starting your career or have been in the field for some time, we believe all our members can benefit from the content offered.

It is important to learn more, not just about what you practice, but also how you deliver this as surgeons managing yourselves, leading your teams, serving your patients, and bringing your best selves to work.

This program is made up of four modules:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Strategic Leadership

Each module will contain a number of different learning resources.

  • Free online resources including books, articles, TED talks, podcasts, and case studies.
  • Tools to test and build your skills including self-assessments, checklists, and simple workbooks.
  • Short, recorded learning segments on Academy topics with useful frameworks, tools, and cases.
  • Curated live virtual webinars with subject matter experts including networking and Q&A.
  • Live in-person workshops and teaching sessions during our regional and global ISAPS meetings.

We know that our mission at ISAPS is to inspire and nurture excellence in aesthetic education for the safety of our patients. Our values at ISAPS stress the ability to remain resilient and to succeed in an increasingly complex profession. As such, we are committed to the ongoing education of our members, which is not only about surgery and practice skills, or WHAT we practice, but also HOW we deliver this as surgeons managing ourselves, leading our teams, serving our patients, and bringing our best selves to work. We want to realize our full potential as surgeons as true Leaders in the Aesthetic World. For this, and in the words of our President Lina Triana, we want to encourage all our members to strive for a leadership approach to their life and work.

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Andy Craggs

Director & Curator of the ISAPS L.I.F.T. Program