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National Secretaries

The ISAPS National Secretaries assist the Executive Office and the Board of Directors, communicating on their behalf with ISAPS members and other aesthetic plastic surgeons in their country.

The primary duties of the National Secretary are to:

promote ISAPS membership

support the Membership Chair and the Membership Committee with the review of membership applications

maintain links with the National Society in your country

support ISAPS’ collaborative international agenda

Each member country with at least three members may elect a National Secretary to represent their interests in ISAPS. Candidates for National Secretary must have been a current Active member for at least two years.

The members in each country elect a National Secretary every four years. Any National Secretary may serve two (2) four-year terms if agreed upon by the country’s membership and the member in question. The maximum term of office for all National Secretaries, according to ISAPS' Bylaws, is eight (8) years.

Assistant National Secretaries are elected in countries with more than 50 members, at the discretion of the current National Secretary and the membership in that country.

The National Secretaries Chair is an ex officio member of the ISAPS Board of Directors.

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