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Find out more about ISAPS Fellowships in Salo, Italy under the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Botti and Prof. Chiara Botti.

Salo, Italy

Near the breath-taking historic town of Verona, Italy, lies Salo - a hidden gem for an ISAPS fellowship. The beauty of this charming city, where history and artistry intertwine presents a perfect backdrop that inspires creativity in aesthetic plastic surgery excellence.

Dr. Giovanni Botti is widely renowned for his expertise in aesthetic plastic surgery, with a particular focus on the face, nose, and breasts. His contributions to international conferences and numerous publications in the field are highly esteemed. Passing on his knowledge to his successor, his daughter Chiara Botti, both will serve as instructors for this fellowship.

Based in northern Italy, this fellowship offers comprehensive exposure to spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures.

Apply for the 2025 ISAPS Fellowship Program

Deadline: May 1, 2024


Useful Information


The fellowship host's secretary can help to arrange the accommodation before you arrive if you are selected.

Visas and Work Permits

Applicants must check visa requirements of the country they plan to visit before applying for the ISAPS Fellowship Program.

For visa and immigration information, please read the details on the Italian Department of Foreign Affairs official website.


Licensure is required. It is only with a valid license that you will be able to perform hands-on tasks throughout the fellowship.


Fly into Milano or Verona, after which public transport is the best way to get around the area.

Fellowship Hosts

Prof. Giovanni Botti

Prof. Giovanni Botti

  • Villa Bella Clinic

Prof. Chiara Botti

  • Villa Bella Clinic
  • Job Title Associate Professor of Oculoplastic Surgery at the University of Verona
  • Clinic/Hospital/Office Villa Bella Clinic
  • Work Fax +39 0365 524231
  • Work phone 0365 41446
  • Location Via Europa, 55, Saló, Italy, 25087

Villa Bella Clinic

During a fellowship, the fellow can anticipate observing the following subjects and techniques:

  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Aesthetic Surgery
  • Lower/Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty
  • Midface Lift & Brow Lift
  • Face Lift (SMAS-ectomy/SMAS-plication)

Below are suggested guidelines for the fellowship in Salo, Italy:

  • Fellows have access to an educational library and are encouraged to utilize the extensive library for reading literature or watching surgery videos.
  • Fellows are requested to bring their own shoes for the operating theater.
  • Dr. Botti conducts surgeries primarily in the mornings of the week, dedicating afternoons to consultations.


“Dr. Giovanni Botti is a phenomenal teacher who takes time and interest to explain every minute details of the surgery he performs. He executes his thought process in a very organised manner. He is very humble, approachable and extremely down to earth. The interaction with him during my fellowship period gave me clarity of concepts in facial aesthetic and breast surgery. Dr. Chiara Botti is an amazing surgeon and is very meticulous in her approach. She is very friendly and cheerful.”

Ankita Harijee

ISAPS Fellow - Salo, Italy 2023