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Find out more about ISAPS Fellowships in Medellin, Colombia under the supervision of Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia.

Medellin, Colombia

Renowned for its ground-breaking spirit and captivating creative energy, Medellin, Colombia, boasts an electric experience in a charming urban, cultural, and culinary paradise, where innovation thrives and aesthetic excellence flourishes, creating a state-of-the-art experience for your ISAPS Fellowship.

Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia is a plastic surgeon fully dedicated to cosmetic surgery. His practice started 25 years ago and he has experience in body contouring surgery, abdominoplasty, liposuction, gluteoplasty, mammoplasty which are the most frequent of his surgeries. His team, made up of 12 people, perform an average of 5 surgeries per week.

DR. JES, Quirofanos El Tesoro OR Center

The clinic boasts 11 operating rooms situated in a prestigious location with outstanding facilities. Innovative consultation processes provide fellows with ample opportunities to learn about administrative issues, granting them access to consultations.

The fellow will find a team consisting of two plastic surgeons, two physiotherapists, and additional administrative staff. They will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of aesthetic surgery, practice management, patient interaction, administrative tasks, and office management, fostering a broadened perspective as they embark on their career.

Apply for the 2025 ISAPS Fellowship Program

Deadline: May 1, 2024


Useful Information


There are different options; Airbnb, hostels and hotels are available and close to the clinic. Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia and his team are open to sending some recommendations to fellows.

Please contact him for more information. 

Visa and Work Permits

Applicants must check visa requirements of the country they plan to visit before applying for the ISAPS Fellowship Program.

For visa and immigration information, please read the details on the Colombian government's official website.


Licensure is required. It is only with a valid license that you will be able to perform hands-on tasks throughout the fellowship.


Within the city, the easiest and fastest means of transportation is by cab/taxi.

As most of the lodgings are close to the office, the fellow will be able to walk there. In Medellin, there is a subway and bus system that covers the whole city.

Fellowship Host

Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia

Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia

Email Me

Dr. JES and Quirofanos El Tesoro OR Center

Cl. 1a Sur. #45, El Poblado Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia


During a fellowship, the fellow can anticipate observing the following subjects and techniques:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Gluteoplasty
  • Mammoplasty