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Managing Global Aesthetic Practices During COVID-19: Have Your Say!

Panelists: Dirk Richter, MD – President (Germany), Renato Saltz, MD, FACS – Past President (USA), Nazim Cerkes, MD, PhD – President-Elect (Turkey), Vakis Kontoes, MD, PhD – Chair, Education Council (Greece)


Managing Global Aesthetic Practices During COVID-19:
What to do next?

Our second interactive session featured a new expert panel who continued the conversation on the issues facing our specialty during the COVID-19 crisis. We were delighted to be joined by Prof Massimo Galli, a leading infectious disease specialist from the University of Milan, who shared the current evidence-base and knowledge around COVID-19.

Moderators: Renato Saltz, MD (USA) and Vakis Kontoes, MD (Greece) Panelists: Fabian Cortinas, MD (Argentina), Jamal Jomah, MD (Saudi Arabia), Arturo Ramirez Montanana, MD (Mexico), Teddy Prasetyono, MD (Indonesia), Michel Rouif, MD (France) and Prof. Massimo Galli (Italy).

Program topics included:

  • The present and future world scenario of COVID-19.
  • How we can contribute as physicians and help our colleagues, communities and countries.
  • Going back to the operating room: new precautions and expectations.
  • Going back to our practices: how to manage office, staff and patients.
  • Balancing the effects of the crisis on plastic surgeons’ mental and physical wellbeing.
  • A new world ahead: how to prepare for it.


Managing Global Aesthetic Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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