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ISAPS Resident Webinar: Basics in Breast Augmentation

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Join our speakers as they take us through the basics in breast augmentation. Come ready with questions to ask our experts directly about this topic! 

Speakers: Mauricio Mendieta, Md (Nicaragua), Michel Rouif, Md (France), Jung Ju Huang (Taiwan), Juan Seren, Md (Argentina) and Sanguan Kunaporn, Md (Thailand)

Moderators: Reha Yavuzer, Md (Turkiye) and Rogelio Davila, Res (Mexico)

Lecture Topics:

  1. Breast Augmentation Based on Anatomical Principles - Mauricio Mendieta, Md (Nicaragua)
  2. Breast Augmentation: Transaxillary Approach Including Endoscopy - Michel Rouif, Md (France)
  3. Augmentation Mammoplasty - Jung Ju Huang (Taiwan)
  4. Dual Plane Details in Breast Augmentation - Juan Seren, Md (Argentina)
  5. Breast Augmentation: Asian Points of View - Sanguan Kunaporn, Md (Thailand)


Dr. Mauricio Mendieta

Dr. Michel Rouif

Dr. Jung Ju Huang

Dr. Jung Ju Huang

Dr. Juan Seren

Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn

Prof. Reha Yavuzer

Dr. Rogelio Davila

Dr. Rogelio Davila