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ISAPS Resident Webinar: Thorax and Arm Anatomy

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Join our speakers as they take us through thorax and arm anatomy. Come ready with questions to ask our experts directly about this topic! 

Speakers: Huseyin Guner, Md (Turkiye), Maria Wiedner, Md (Germany), Peter Rubin, MD, MBA (United States), Jamal Jomah (Saudi Arabia) and Rui Lima, Md (Portugal)

Moderators: Antonio Pinto Oliveira, Md (Brazil) and Maximiliano Cortinas, Res (Argentina)

Lecture Topics:

  1. Soft-tissue Anatomy of Upper Extremity for Liposuction and Brachioplasty Surgery - Huseyin Guner, Md (Turkiye)
  2. Breast Anatomy: Selecting the Pedicles - Maria Wiedner, Md (Germany)
  3. Brachiaplasty and Upper Torso Lifting - Peter Rubin, MD, MBA (United States)
  4. Breast Aesthetic Philosophy and Perception - Jamal Jomah (Saudi Arabia)
  5. Surgical Anatomy of the Upper Limb: Bases for HD Lipo - Rui Lima, Md (Portugal)


Dr. Huseyin Güner

Dr. Huseyin Güner

Dr. Maria Wiedner

Dr. Peter Rubin

Dr. Jamal Jomah

Dr. Rui Lima

Dr. Antonio Pinto Oliveira

Dr. Maximiliano Cortinas