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Read what people attending the past ISAPS congresses say about this event.

"Definitely the best congress in the world for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery."

"It was my first plastic surgery congress as a resident member, and it was amazing, for sure I´ll try to go to all of them. Excellent."

"ISAPS is said to be the most outstanding organization and supportive band of the most renowned Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in the world. When I went to the conference, got in touch with the beautiful and inspiring open-minded colleagues on site - I felt this vibe so strongly! Outstanding education and the overall thrive to share it, discuss techniques, and evolve further could be found It truly inspired me a lot. What a great learning, networking, and mind-blowing event. It absolutely is one of my favorite conferences in the world and I love being part of the ISAPS family."

"It was a wholesome, extravaganza of beautifully curated speakers, content, and culture and I'm looking forward to attending future events and learning more from the stalwarts as well as contributing by sharing my work in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery."

"Always a pleasure attending the ISAPS. For young surgeons, these meetings are the most important of the year, and one shouldn’t miss their presence. You grow by everyday learning. Thank you ISAPS."

"First of all I would like to start with the Residents' Symposium. It was very well organized and the lectures were very interesting for us residents. About the congress: It was a truly motivating experience for me, as a resident to be among the leaders of plastic surgery whose books I read and videos I watch. Everybody was friendly, I could ask questions freely, and share my views. I really enjoyed the social events, it was a good opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world, exchange views and make new connections. I am looking forward to the next meeting in Cartagena."

"The best I have seen in many years."

"Excellent event all around. I have decided to become an ISAPS member as well. Looking forward to attending next year as well."

"A very well organized meeting and conducted keeping in mind the different generations of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, catering to everyone."

"Very good experience for improving knowledge and networking."

"Very high international standard."

"ISAPS Congress was a great opportunity to learn something new from world-class leaders in plastic surgery!"

"The meeting was really fantastic. The organization team did a terrific work. Nice to have new faces talking. Abstract sessions are really important. Glad to be there."

"The truth is I can only thank you for such a beautiful event and exhort you to continue on this path of excellence."

"Excellent scientific program, cordiality and attention from the staff throughout the event (reception and during the sessions), integration between national secretaries."

"As a young surgeon, I had the chance to hear lectures from world-renowned teachers and leaders of our specialty and see them in person, while hearing eye-opening discussions and actually experiencing the way they think."

"Honestly, coming from Canada I didn't know what to expect as many of the speakers are new to the ones I'm typically exposed to, but the wide range of international experts was phenomenal, giving different perspectives and many issues to think about."

"Enthusiasm, joy of teaching and presenting, professional approach including self-criticism of multiple speakers - especially those well known and in good standing in ISAPS. Additionally, the L.I.F.T.- Program Interactive lecture was excellent."

"I had my first time speaking at your beautiful conference, it got me closer to all of my role model heroes and inspired me a lot. Also, it was a sign for me and many of my especially younger colleagues from Germany, that ISAPS is supporting young surgeons as speakers as well. Thank you so much for this opportunity - it was such a beautiful experience, I was nervous as hell in advance and totally felt warmly welcomed when I was in the session and the beautiful discussion on stage after."

"The best thing is that you can see and hear lectures from the world's most famous and experienced surgeons and sometimes you have the opportunity to ask them questions. The second best thing is the opportunity for less known or unknown surgeons from all over the world to show and share their ideas and experience."

"Forget your old expectations about ISAPS - they are innovative and on a roll. Not to miss!!"

"It brings your experience and knowledge to the next level to hear so many speakers from around the world."

"ISAPS always provides the best international perspective on aesthetics compared to any conference around the world."

"I enjoyed the spirit of the conference. Also the fact that the big guns were ready to answer questions, even in private, and in general communicated friendly with the rookies!"

"ISAPS gets to mix top-notch science, great venues, exotic tourism, great shows, and meeting with friends from around the world."

"Attending the ISAPS World Congress in Athens was a truly transforming experience. This congress brought together some of the brightest minds in the field of plastic surgery from around the world. The depth and breadth of knowledge shared during the congress were truly remarkable. From the latest advancements in surgical techniques to groundbreaking research in aesthetic medicine, every session was an eye-opener. The organization was also flawless. The sessions were well-structured, and the speakers were world-class. Congratulations to the organizers for creating such a fantastic platform for learning and collaboration in the field of plastic surgery."

"Always getting a little bit better than the previous year."

"Very well organized. Complete in terms of topics and selection of speakers."

"This event helps me to improve my daily practice."

"I think the World Congress had some fantastic sessions with the highest quality possible. I love it that the congress tries to be innovative and to bring in new aspects of practice management, leadership, and women's empowerment."

"The best part of the meeting was the intellectual comradery, exchange of ideas, and open discourse."

"A great event, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, offering a unique balance between academic research and applications in the everyday life of a Plastic Surgeon."

"It was a pleasure to be there and to meet all the international colleagues. I brought a lot of new ideas into my daily practice and I'm very thankful for this. The organization was excellent."

"A congress of height, allowed the update, to know what colleagues are doing in other parts of the world, I will go to a new congress again without thinking about it. Excellent."

"Wide-ranging and comprehensive program exploring new technologies and techniques and refining the core aspects of our specialtyAn event which caters not only for the emerging surgeon but also established practitioners."

"I had a great time at the event! The event was well-planned, and I enjoyed every moment. I would definitely attend again! The speakers were knowledgeable and presented the content well. I learned a lot and left feeling inspired."

"Everything was very good at the congress, educational and experience to translate it into private practice."

"Excellent opportunity to discuss current scientific knowledge with famous and internationally distinguished colleagues. As a byproduct of the aforementioned excellent occasion for meeting and conversing with the great titans of the global plastic surgery. Looking forward to becoming a member of ISAPS."

"It was great to see how things are done differently around the world."

"Overall a great educational meeting and I was given the chance to watch lectures from the best doctors worldwide in the domain of plastic surgery. Very lucky to have joined this unique event."

"I’ve been in ISAPS for more than 20 years, the congress has grown up. Congratulations."

"ISAPS events are the most interesting and useful in the world."

"For me, the whole experience of the congress was amazing. The first thought after finishing the presentations was to return to the operating room and put into practice the techniques shared by my colleagues. I can't wait for next year's congress."

"For me, it’s a threat opportunity to meet colleges from all around the world and to know all the vanguard technology and techniques in my specialty, it’s a great opportunity to know other countries and travel, meet places, and share with foreign pairs and share with friends around ISAPS family."

"Excellent conference where I thought the speakers were genuine and authentic in helping fellow surgeons improve."