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Information about how to become an endorsing partner of the ISAPS World Congress 2024, Cartagena.

ISAPS would like to invite Global Alliance Partners to become endorsing partner of the 28th World Congress on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Download the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), see how you can benefit and join us in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

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Endorsing Partners

The APCPER was founded to make available to the general public a reliable platform to get in contact with the top, most qualified board-certified surgeons in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery in Panama. The greatest benefit they offer to the patients in their country is the support of an entity internationally recognized for its professionalism, patient safety consciousness and educational resources in line with strict medical protocols.

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Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Estetica (AICPE)

AICPE was the first all-Italian aesthetic plastic surgery association to come into formation. Their mission is the promotion of training in aesthetic plastic surgery, the development and encouragement of best practice, professional and ethical conduct, the establishment of strong relationships with international associations, promotion of better understanding of cosmetic plastic surgery and the dissemination of renewing knowledge to the members of the association. 

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The Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (VDÄPC) is the largest professional association of aesthetic surgeons in Germany. The members of VDÄPC are both general practitioners and clinicians in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Our members must continuously educate themselves beyond their training as specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery to ensure that their professional knowledge and practical skills remain up-to-date at a consistently high level.

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ASAPS has been one of the peak bodies for cosmetic surgery in Australia and New Zealand for 40 years. They represent 300 comprehensively qualified specialist plastic surgeons in the region. They are committed to making sure you receive the best advice, find appropriately qualified specialist plastic surgeons and experience world-class treatment before, during, and after your surgery.

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The Bangladesh Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BSAPS) is formed by members who are all qualified plastic surgeons, interested in the practice of aesthetic plastic surgery. BSAPS is committed to the practice of safe aesthetic surgery - which can only be ensured by training qualified plastic surgeons, and also providing a safe environment where the surgeries should be performed.

BSAPS have already started conducting meetings and aesthetic surgery workshops in the country. Topics like Fascia Scarpa Sparing Lipoabdominoplasty, Autoaugmentation Mastopexy and Rhinoplasty has been touched. Non surgical procedures like Botox, Lasers and Microneedling has also been included in the workshops. BSAPS has been officially registered in the Joint Stock Companies and Firms of Bangladesh in November 2019. In addition to 31 local members BSAPS has a number of overseas members as well.

BSAPS fully endorse the view of ISAPS, that residents in plastic surgery should be allowed more exposure to aesthetic surgery during their residency period. For this reason we happy that plastic surgery residents can now become Resident Members for free. We have planned to publish BSAPS Journal twice a year, where our members will write articles in order to share their experiences in aesthetic surgery. The first issue is already published and the second and third issues will be out this year.

During the ISAPS Symposium in Bruges, Belgium in October 2019, BSAPS signed an agreement and became an ISAPS Global Alliance member. With this alliance we will feel encouraged to uphold the global standards in the practice of safe aesthetic surgery in our country.

Emirates Plastic Surgery Society was established as a non-profit organization, consisting of Plastic Surgeons who have a scientific certificate in Plastic Surgery. We had merely started with a hand few of members and over the years, the membership has increased tremendously.

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The Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS) is the only representative organisation of qualified Plastic Surgeons practising Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in India whose members have special interest in improving how you look. They are dedicated to the promotion of highest professional standards and technical skills in cosmetic surgery. It is their duty to educate the regional public about cosmetic surgery along with benefits as well as limitations. They also offer all options to a given patient and help them choose an option to suit their needs.

Their members have access to the most current plastic surgery techniques; they conduct courses, symposia and educational programs, taught by some of the most highly respected instructors in the world which ensures that their members are at the forefront of the technical and safety research in Aesthetic Plastic surgery.

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The Iranian society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons was established in 1955 with the help of pioneers in this field and has been benefited by training of world-renowned scholars such as Professor Paul Tessier, Joe Murry (Nobel Laureate), and Professor Mission. The current organization of this association includes elite surgeons who have completed a full course of general surgery and will complete a full course of plastic surgery after completing a full specialty course of general surgery. After which they will receive the degree of plastic specialist (plastic surgeon).

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The Jordanian Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (JSPRS) is a non-profit plastic surgery specialty organization, committed to raise and maintain the standards of the medical practice of plastic surgery in Jordan for the benefit of patients and member surgeons. Founded in 1988, the society represents 100% of all board-certified plastic surgeons in Jordan, making JSPRS the only leading authority for aesthetic/cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries in Jordan.

Jordanian Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (JSPRS)

The AMCPER is the medical body that brings together all the certified plastic surgeons in the country of Mexico. Its main function is to promote the academic growth and continuing medical education of its members through the organization of refresher courses, national and international congresses, workshops, and other events. The academic demand and the desire for constant improvement of the members of the AMCPER are the reasons why Mexican plastic surgery has positioned itself as one top 3 most recognized worldwide for the last few years.

Mexican Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (AMCPER)

The NSAPS, founded in 1886, is a professional medical association for doctors working in the field of plastic surgery and is the currently the only complete professional association in Norway. Boasting over 38,000 medical students and doctors as members, NSAPS is recognized as the largest medical community in the country. The society's purpose is to promote the development of the subject, with primary focus on public health and patient safety. 

Norwegian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NSAPS)

PAPRAS’ members are highly sought-after medical experts in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. The association has become more active in recent years, establishing residency programs across the nation; helping train competent and highly-skilled surgeons to meet the growing trends in the fields of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. PAPRAS is the leader as far as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery issues in the country are concerned, disseminating information to the public through academic media and numerous plastic surgical outreach programs. 

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Established in 1994, the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society has over 125 active members. RASS' mission is to promote professional excellence, generosity and collegiality between generations of surgeons, and their joint priority is patient safety. The society is increasing its presence online with interesting aesthetic surgery courses taught by its members showing the latest innovative techniques.

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Welcome to Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons. Greetings from Singapore! Please feel free to visit our website at to find out more about our society. Our annual meeting – Plastic Aesthetic Surgery Meeting is usually held during the 3rd quarter annually. Please drop us an email if you would like to be added to the mailing list. Best Regards and Enjoy your meeting!

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The Bolivian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is a non-profit organization that brings together scientifically and ethically qualified professionals specialized in plastic surgery that meet all the requirements for accreditation. The selection of its members is careful and thorough, evaluating, above all, the quality of the training of its affiliates focused on the integrality of plastic surgery in both the reconstructive and aesthetic aspects. It organizes educational programs and periodically holds events for its members in order to maintain the highest standards in ethics, awareness, safety and responsibility in Bolivia.

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The main objective of the society is to improve the quality of care by focusing on training, professional ethics, clinical practice, and research in the field of Plastic Surgery.

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The Spanish Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery (AECEP) was created in 1989 to respond to the specific needs of Plastic Surgeons with a special dedication to Aesthetic Surgery and contributions to the dignity and development of this discipline in Spain.

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The Aesthetic Society is comprised of over 2,600 Plastic Surgeons; Active Members are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (USA) or by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and have extensive training in the complete spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures. International Active Members are certified by equivalent boards of their respective countries.

The Aesthetic Society

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association is an association established with the aim of developing knowledge in the field of aesthetic surgery and disseminating this knowledge among colleagues both nationally and internationally.

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