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ISAPS Business School is an initiative of the Board of Directors to bring its members the very best educational courses on the business aspects of running a successful plastic surgery practice. First launched at the Kyoto Congress in 2016, the ISAPS Business School has been an enormous success among our members and the program was expanded to four days at the Miami Congress in 2018. Our Business School Faculty are among the best in their field and come from a diverse range of backgrounds to provide you with the most up-to-date business education to help you grow your practice. See information below for online learning opportunities.

ISAPS Business School 2021

Saturday – April 17th – 2021


Program Chairs: Dr. Renato Saltz & Dr. Ozan Sozer

Suitable for: This program is open to Plastic surgeons, Practice managers, Office staff, Nurses, Fellows and Residents.

Faculty: Alberto Arguello (Costa Rica) | Alexander Aslani (Spain) | Nazim Cerkes (Turkey) | Steve Dayan (USA) | Jesus de Benito (Spain) |Chad Erickson (USA) | Sabrina Fabi (USA) | Valerio Finocchi (Italy) | Sebastien Garson (France) | Bahman Guyuron (USA) | Kai Kaye (Spain) | Vakis Kontoes (Greece) | Patrick Mallucci (UK) | Arturo Montanana (Mexico) | Izhak Musli (USA) | Foad Nahai (USA) | Paul Nassif (USA) | Sheila Nazarian (USA) | Bianca Ohana (Brazil) | Tim Papadopoulos (Australia) | Christy Perry (USA) |Debra Phairas (USA) | Jason Pozner (USA) | Terri Ross (USA) | Robert Singer (USA) | Ozan Sozer (USA) | Constantin Stan (Romania) | Grant Stevens (USA) | Lina Triana (Columbia) | Ivar van Heijningen (Belgium) | Alan Wedgerow (USA) | Karen Zupko (USA)

Moderators: Nazim Cerkes (Turkey) | Renato Saltz (USA) | Ozan Sozer (USA)

Program details: Learn from our multidisciplinary international faculty who will take us through the day to day issues we all face in practice management:  from patient safety, through staffing and services, technology, marketing, and have your say in discussing what the future holds. This course is a full day program with a mix of pre-recorded presentations and panels with live Q&A.


Discussion Topics:

  • Re-inventing the aesthetic practice in the midst of Covid
  • The modern Multispecialty aesthetic practice – one stop shop
  • Surgical and non-surgical treatments – what works and what doesn’t
  • Staff issues
  • Services (subscription, private label, the “patient for life” concept)
  • Finances (overhead, embezzlement, associates, buying and selling practices)
  • The future of aesthetics in a new world

Registration Fees: Open to ISAPS members, non-members, office staff, nurses and residents.

  • ISAPS Members: FREE
  • Non-member: $300
  • Office Staff and nurses: $100

With grateful thanks to our industry partners for their support of ISAPS Business School:

With grateful thanks to our industry partners for their support of ISAPS Business School.

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