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Mentor: Breast Surgery e-Conference on Revision Surgery

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This educational event will focus advancing surgical techniques and elevating patient safety in both aesthetic and reconstructive revision surgery.

Key topics:

  • Implant Selection: a Structured Approach
  • Breast Surgery Planning for Success in Secondary Cases
  • The “Inner Bra” Technique in Revision Surgery
  • Cases that Went Wrong – Panel Discussion
  • Complication Management Masterclasses

Scientific Committee: Dr. Paul Harris, BSc MD FRCS (plast) | Prof. Yoav Barnea, MD, Tel Aviv

Faculty: Dr. Burcu Çelet Özden, FEBS & FEBOPRAS | Dr. Per Hedén, MD| Dr. José Luis Martín del Yerro Coca, MD | Dr. Michael Miroshnik, MD | Marc Pacifico, MD FRCS (Plast) | Prof. Dennis von Heimburg, MD, PhD | Prof. Uroš Ahčan, MD, PhD | Dr. Roger Wixtrom, PhD Dr. Urs Bösch, MD | Dr. Sara Domínguez Bengoa, MD | Dr. Tunç Tiryaki, MD | Dr. Vasileios Kretsis, MD | Prof. Pier Camillo Parodi | Dr. John Canady, M.S., M.D., D.Sc. (hon)