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Live Surgeries

Chaired sessions of live surgeries performed by top surgeons on face and body. Interactive discussions about techniques and procedures help delegates apply the learning in their practice.

Live surgery day with cadaver dissection videos to support our surgical technique learning
ISAPS World Congress 2024, Cartagena, June 11, 2024

Pre-congress courses are not included in the congress registration. To attend you will need to book these separately when registering for the Congress.

Scientific directors 
Face: Dr. Ozan Sozer (USA)
Body: Dr. Alfredo Hoyos (Colombia)

Local Scientific Organizer      
Dr. Javier Soto (Colombia)
Dr. Andre Cervantes (Brazil) 
Dr. Alvaro Luis Cansacao (Brazil)
Dr. Juan Pablo Menendez (Ecuador)
Dr. Pablo Arrieta (Mexico)

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos (​​Colombia)
Dr. Ricardo Proto​​ (Brazil)
Dr. Adel Bark​​​ (Brazil)
Dr. Mauricio Viaro (​​Brazil)
Dr. Raul Manzaneda​ (Peru)
Dr. Freddy Rodriguez​ (Colombia)

-Total Male High Definition With Total Graft ​​​
-Buttocks Fat Grafting​​​
-"L" Mastopexy With Implants
-Female High Definition With UGRAFT
-Waist Definition With Rib Remodeling - ribXcar
-Buttocks Implants​​​​
Dr. Ozan Sozer (USA)
Dr. Jerry O’Daniels (USA)

Dr. Renato Saltz (USA)
Dr. Carlos Casagrande (Brazil)
Dr. Francisco Bravo (Spain)
Dr. Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)

-Endoscopic Assisted Facial Rejuvenation 
-Gliding Temporal Lift
-Upper Lip Shortening 
-MACS Face Lift
-Reduction Deep Plane Neck Lift
-Dermapen Micro Needling With Nano Fat 
Capri Surgery  Center, Cartagena

Local Organizers
Ms. Johanna Poveda
Dr. Alfredo Caro, Anesthesiologist and Medical Director Capri Clinic

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