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Procedure: Perioral Rejuvenation

Useful information for patients on Perioral Rejuvenation - restoring volume and/or reducing wrinkles around the mouth.

Perioral rejuvenation restores the volume of the lips with injectable fillers or with fat transfer (lipofilling). Techniques to reduce or eliminate wrinkles include laser facial resurfacing and chemical peels. One can distinguish between ablative (removing a thin layer of wrinkled skin) and non-ablative procedures. Ablative procedures include CO2 laser, Erbium-YAG laser and chemical or mechanical peels and some non-ablative procedures are intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency techniques which typically require several sessions to achieve the desired result. People with hypersensitivity issues, and skin and autoimmune disorders may be assessed further by the surgeon. Preparation may include a detailed history of medical issues, medication history, and physical examination.

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Useful Information

Ensure you consider all aspects of a procedure. You can speak to your surgeon about these areas of the surgery in more detail during a consultation.


Approximately half an hour to one hour.


The surgeon will decide what type of anesthesia is best according to the chosen procedure. It will vary from topical to local, local plus sedation, or general anesthesia.


This is an outpatient procedure.

Additional Information

Several conditions may apply after the procedure:

  • Temporary swelling or bruising
  • Mild temporary discomfort
  • Redness

  • Infection
  • Overcorrection
  • Asymmetry
  • Pigmentation changes
  • Irregular contour
  • Fever blister (herpes simplex)
  • Blood vessel occlusion
  • Ulcer
  • Burns
  • Tissue death
  • Hypersensitivity issues (pain, redness, itching, fever)
  • Blindness

In most cases, the patient can return to work and normal activities the same day. Bruising and swelling should have resolved after several days. When an ablative procedure is used, the recovery time can be several days. Changes in the colour of the skin can be present for several days or weeks but can be camouflaged with makeup. When using ablative procedures, it is recommended to use sunscreen for several weeks.

The outcome varies from patient to patient. One can expect a restoration of a youthful appearance of the mouth area and an enhancement of lip shape. When using non-permanent fillers, results will be lost after several months. Reduction to complete disappearance of wrinkles around the mouth after resurfacing varies by patient.