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Procedure: Whitening Depigmentation of Genital Area

Useful information for patients on the Whitening Depigmentation of Genital Area 

The pigmentation of the genital area varies depending on age and ethnic factors. Combinations of several sessions of fractional laser (Q-switched Nd/YAG) with different acids such as trichloroacetic at different concentrations have been used to lighten the genital area, with disparate results depending on the degree of genital pigmentation. 

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Ensure you consider all aspects of a procedure. You can speak to your surgeon about these areas of the surgery in more detail during a consultation.


The procedure usually takes 20-40 minutes. 


For better results and more comfort, topical anesthesia is the rule for this procedure.


This is an outpatient procedure.

Additional Information

In both procedures, the return to habitual life is immediate. 

Patients relate a high satisfaction with the procedure although it usually needs more than one session.