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ISAPS - APS Journal Club - A New Technique in Calf Volumization

The ISAPS – APS Journal Club sessions are webinars that focus on a featured topic drawn from recent publications in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal (APS), to create more in-depth discussions between ISAPS authors, residents and subject experts. 

The paper being discussed is:

A New Technique for Remodelling and Increasing the Diameter of the Legs through Lipotransfer and Vertical Subcutaneous Fasciotomy of the Posterior Tibial Aponeurosis - Ignacio Añorve Borquez

Speaker: Ignacio Añorve Borquez, Md (Mexico)

Experts: Jesus Benito Ruiz, Md (Spain) and Huseyin Guner, Md (Turkiye)

Moderator: Alejandro Monsalve (Colombia)