Visiting Professor Program

Background and Purpose

Contributions to the ISAPS Education Council Endowment Fund and profits resulting from our courses and the biennial Congresses have allowed us to re-establish the ISAPS Visiting Professor Program (VPP) which brings the best educators in aesthetic surgery to remote regions around the world that may otherwise never be exposed to modern surgical and non-surgical aesthetic surgery training.

  • The primary intention of this program is to provide intensive, hands-on training for residents.
  • A secondary advantage is for faculty to present lectures to larger audiences while they are visiting.  The VPP is not intended to provide funding for conference speakers.

The VPP Program Chair will work through the National Secretary with national societies of plastic surgery, universities and other plastic surgery teaching facilities to foster this program. ISAPS will send the top names in aesthetic surgery, and the host country’s national society and major teaching university will take advantage of this volunteer education program.

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ISAPS Visiting Professor Program Guidelines

This program was designed to bring Aesthetic Surgery Education to your country by the best educators in the world. ~ Renato Saltz, MD – Program Chair

  1. No Professor will be asked to provide more than one VPP per calendar year.  Exceptions may be entertained by the Program Chair.
  2. No program can request more than one VPP per calendar year.  Exceptions may be entertained by the Program Chair.
  3. The national society and the ISAPS National Secretary will be responsible for hosting the visit.  Thus, the “connection” between ISAPS and the host country must be the National Secretary.
  4. To request a VPP, the NS must contact the Program Chair for scheduling no later than three months before the requested visit dates.  A full program outline that includes time with residents, including live surgery, and related lectures must be submitted with the application.
  5. National Secretaries will work with the host country’s national society or training institution and will be responsible for managing local arrangements, media exposure, hotel accommodations, meals and local transportation, teaching facilities, temporary license for the Visiting Professor from the local authorities if required by local laws, and daily scheduling of the ISAPS Professor’s visit. Financing of the expenses in this section are the responsibility of the local organizers.
  6. The visit will be featured in a subsequent ISAPS News article written by the Visiting Professor, with optional input by the host National Secretary, so that the ISAPS Visiting Professor Program becomes a major feature of ISAPS education activities.
  7. ISAPS is not obliged to promote the VPP through any of its publications or website.
  8. Each Visiting Professor will receive $5,000 to cover travel expenses from the Education Foundation for each trip.  Payments are made directly to the Visiting Professor on receipt of his or her travel expense form.
  9. The National Secretary will be responsible for promoting/marketing/overseeing the Visiting Professor trip in the host country.




  • Nazim Cerkes – Turkey
  • Enrico Robotti – Italy
  • Bahman Guyuron – US
  • Olivier Gerbault – France
  • Vitaly Zholtikov – Russian Federation
  • Man Koon Suh – Korea


  • Giovani Botti – Italy
  • Francisco Bravo – Spain
  • Gianluca Campiglio – Italy
  • Philip Chen– Taiwan
  • Vakis Kontoes – Greece
  • Foad Nahai – US
  • Mario Pelle-Ceravolo – Italy
  • Jerry O’Daniel – US
  • Lee Pu – US
  • Dirk Richter – Germany
  • Renato Saltz – US
  • Ozan Sozer – US
  • Alex Verpaele – Belgium

Breast & Body Contouring

  • Al Aly – UAE
  • Ruth Graf – Brazil
  • Raul Gonzalez – Brazil
  • James Grotting – US
  • Moustapha Hamdi – Belgium
  • Joseph Hunstad – US
  • Frank Lista – Canada
  • Apostolos Mandrekas – Greece
  • Tim Papadopoulos– Australia
  • Arturo Ramirez-Montanana – Mexico
  • Carlos Roxo – Brazil
  • Peter Rubin – US
  • Cemal Senuya – Turkey
  • Lina Triana – Colombia
  • Akin Yucel – Turkey


  • Steve Cohen – US
  • Barry DiBernardo – US
  • Woffles Wu – Singapore
  • Reha Yavuzer – Turkey

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