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Surgical Relief Teams © (SRT) was an initiative established to Train, Equip, Connect and Deploy highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons for short-term disaster relief medical missions. As a global platform for surgical care, SRT was established to place teams on the ground within the first week of a mass casualty incident.

From October 2013 through January 2017, this program deployed the following relief teams:

  • Missions to Amman, Jordan helped local surgeons treat injured Syrian refugees:
    • 18 trips, 263 surgeries, 450 patient evaluations.
  • Total International Disaster Relief Missions to Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon:
    • 25 trips, 438 surgeries, 907 patient evaluations

We applaud all those members who actively participated in this vital program and are working to update and revitalize our humanitarian mission efforts.

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