ISAPS Organized Courses 2021

ISAPS is organizing courses online during COVID-19, you can see the schedule for forthcoming courses below.

The schedule is based on UTC time.  Please adjust for your time zone. Click here and enter your city to find the time in your time zone.


Istanbul Rhinoplasty Course

December 10th – 12th, 2021

Live Surgery Course

Venue: Florence Nightingale Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Speakers: Dr. Nazim Cerkes, Dr. Abdulkadir Goksel, Dr. Baris Cakir, Dr. Eren Tastan

Program details: It is our pleasure to invite all rhinoplasty friends to the “Istanbul Live Surgery Rhinoplasty Course” between 10-12 December 2021 in Istanbul. There is no doubt that rhinoplasty is the most complex aesthetic operation which requires a long learning period, expertise and skill. On the other hand functional part of this operation is extremely important and must be performed adequately by a rhinoplasty surgeon. During this live surgery course we aim to teach all my surgical techniques in both primary and secondary rhinoplasty based on our own experiences.

Contact details
Telephone: +90 212 216 00 13

Fresh Cadaver Aesthetic Surgery Dissection Course on Facial Anatomy and Rhinoplasty

January 20 – 22, 2022

Venue: University Hospital of Liège – Sart-Tilman

Speakers: Pr Jean-Luc Nizet, Chair of the Plastic and Maxillo-facial Surgery Department of the University of Liège, and Dr Ivar van Heijningen, past president of EASAPS.

Program details:

Per two delegates, 1 fresh frozen cadaver is provided to:

  • Explore the anatomy and your injection accuracy on one side.
  • Practice the surgical techniques on the other side.
Objectives for Plastic Surgeons (in training)
  • Understand the external and anatomical features of aging.
  • Perform surgical and non-surgical procedures with attention to the pitfalls
    and anatomical danger zones under the guidance of the experts.
  • Interact with the experts during the presentations and the extensive dissections.
  • Maximize your learning experience by performing procedures on our fresh cadavers.

Contact details
Telephone: +32 (0) 4 4242 52 61
Website: ISAPS Course Belgium – Aesthetic Surgery Dissection Course

On Demand…

Regenerative Medicine Virtual Symposium

Saturday – May 29th – 2021


Program Chairs: Dr. Katarina Andjelkov, Dr. Steven Cohen, Dr. Tunc Tiryaki & Dr. Ozan Sozer

Faculty: Guy Magalon, France | Jeremy Magalon, France | Ramon Llull, Spain | Diane Duncan, USA | Patrick Tonnard, Belgium | Tsai-Ming Lin, Taiwan | Dino Elyassnia, USA | John Cole, USA | Pietro Gentile, Italy | Ewa Anna Siolo, South Africa | Steve Cohen, USA | Tunc Tiryaki, Turkey |

Program details: This full-day Master Class is part one of a two-part module. Presented by an international faculty, we will start of with topics including nanofat and the usage of stem cells in facial surgery, but we will also cover topics like facial rejuvenation and the treatment of alopecia. Regenerative medicine is one of the hottest fields in aesthetic plastic surgery, so do not miss your chance!


Discussion Topics:

  • Current State of the Art of Regenerative Medicine
  • Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting and Surgery
  • Nanofat on Skin
  • Treatment of Alopecia
  • Stem Cells and Facial Surgery

Registration Fees: Open to ISAPS members, non-members, office staff, nurses and residents.

Registration Type
ISAPS Associate, Active Eco and Active Eco + Member$100
ISAPS Member Resident$25
ISAPS Affiliate$0
ISAPS Active – First Member$0
ISAPS Active – Business Member*$0/$100
Non-Member (Plastic Surgeon)$300
Office Staff & Nurses$100

*Business members can qualify for one (1) free ISAPS organized paid event. Please contact for discount code.

On Demand…

ISAPS Business School

Saturday – April 17th – 2021


Program Chairs: Dr. Renato Saltz & Dr. Ozan Sozer

Suitable for: This program is open to Plastic surgeons, Practice managers, Office staff, Nurses, Fellows and Residents.

Faculty: Alberto Arguello (Costa Rica) | Alexander Aslani (Spain) | Nazim Cerkes (Turkey) | Steve Dayan (USA) | Jesus de Benito (Spain) |Chad Erickson (USA) | Sabrina Fabi (USA) | Valerio Finocchi (Italy) | Sebastien Garson (France) | Bahman Guyuron (USA) | Kai Kaye (Spain) | Vakis Kontoes (Greece) | Patrick Mallucci (UK) | Arturo Montanana (Mexico) | Izhak Musli (USA) | Foad Nahai (USA) | Paul Nassif (USA) | Sheila Nazarian (USA) | Bianca Ohana (Brazil) | Tim Papadopoulos (Australia) | Christy Perry (USA) |Debra Phairas (USA) | Jason Pozner (USA) | Terri Ross (USA) | Robert Singer (USA) | Ozan Sozer (USA) | Constantin Stan (Romania) | Grant Stevens (USA) | Lina Triana (Columbia) | Ivar van Heijningen (Belgium) | Alan Wedgerow (USA) | Karen Zupko (USA)

Moderators: Nazim Cerkes (Turkey) | Renato Saltz (USA) | Ozan Sozer (USA)

Program details: Learn from our multidisciplinary international faculty who will take us through the day to day issues we all face in practice management:  from patient safety, through staffing and services, technology, marketing, and have your say in discussing what the future holds. This course is a full day program with a mix of pre-recorded presentations and panels with live Q&A.

Registration Fees: Open to ISAPS members, non-members, office staff, nurses and residents.

  • ISAPS Members: $100
  • ISAPS Residents: $25
  • Non-member: $300
  • Office Staff and nurses: $100

With grateful thanks to our industry partners for their support of ISAPS Business School:

With grateful thanks to our industry partners for their support of ISAPS Business School.

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