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ISAPS Symposium Application

In order to gain approval for your course to be approved by ISAPS, please read the contents of this page carefully and complete the form below.

What is an ISAPS Symposium?

A full-day or half-day Symposium is a short didactic program with ISAPS speakers. It can be part of a national meeting and has the option of being organized on a separate day before or after the meeting or within the national meeting.

Application Form

Please note, endorsement is not approval to provide attendees with Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit.

You must apply for accreditation to the appropriate organization in your country.



This application can only be accepted for programs that meet the following criteria:

  1. The program is intended for an audience of plastic surgery core specialists only.

  2. ISAPS National Secretary in the country where the program is to be held must approve in writing.

  3. Applications must be completed by a current, active member of ISAPS.

  4. Complete applications must be submitted below and will be forwarded to the Education Council for approval. Please allow at least one month for the approval process and plan your publicity efforts accordingly. It is not permitted to indicate that endorsement has been requested.

  5. Organisers are required to include 1-2 presentation(s) from 1-2 ISAPS Board member(s) on the program, or present on any topic in aesthetic surgery.

  6. Organisers will also include a short introduction/presentation (slides will be provided) to promote ISAPS’ mission. Applications will not be forwarded to the Chair of the Education Council for review without an ISAPS presentation included in the program.

  7. Organisers are required to offer ISAPS a free booth (onsite or virtually) during the event. The booth will be staffed by ISAPS staff.

ISAPS has developed a series of resources for the delivery of virtual events.

If you wish to organise an ISAPS Symposium online and do not have technical suppliers to do so, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise. You may be able to use ISAPS services for a small fee to cover our technical costs.

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ISAPS Policies

Please review these carefully...

The ISAPS Executive Committee may approve, change or cancel any endorsement as they feel necessary for any reason, despite the National Secretary’s approval or denial.

An ISAPS Symposium can only be open to these four core specialities: plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, dermatologists, or oculoplastic surgeons.

A violation of ISAPS policies regarding symposia will result in refusal of future endorsements.

If ISAPS endorses your educational program...

ISAPS will provide for your organization:

Use of the official ISAPS Education Council logo and official endorsement statement in your publicity materials, on your website, and in other program-related printed matter. This will be provided in the endorsement confirmation email.

Inclusion of your program: on the ISAPS website events page; in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal and in ISAPS e-News.

Inclusion of your event in ISAPS regular email updates link to events, circulated to more than 25,000 plastic surgeons.

Two-time promotional eblast including your event information to be designed and released by ISAPS and promotional post to our social media accounts at the time of your choice.

Enclose all the following items with your completed application:

  • Email of request from the President of the Sponsoring National Plastic Surgery Society
  • An email confirming the approval of an ISAPS National Secretary
  • Proposed program including faculty and at least one ISAPS presentation.
  • A statement specifying which sessions are restricted to one or more specialities and indicate how entry will be controlled for restricted sessions.
  • List of Organizing Committee including at least one member of ISAPS
  • Copy of publicity brochure that includes attendance restriction statement- a draft is acceptable
  • List of all planned uses of ISAPS logo, for example, brochure, website, meeting-related letterhead, postcards, meeting materials, and certificates of attendance.
  • Symposium application fee - $4000. We will refund $3800 if the application is declined. $200 will be retained by ISAPS for administrative costs.


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