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Facial Liposuction

Removes areas of excess fat from the face and neck.

Facial liposuction has become a common cosmetic procedure, either on its own or in conjunction with facelift or other facial procedures. It consists of the removal of unwanted fatty tissue with a cannula and vacuum device promoting and improving facial shape like jaw line or even using laser lipolysis approach.

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Useful Information

Ensure you consider all aspects of a procedure. You can speak to your surgeon about these areas of the surgery in more detail during a consultation.


The procedure typically takes between half an hour to one hour.



Depending on the patient, intravenous sedation, local or general anesthesia can be used.


This is an outpatient procedure.

Additional Information

Swelling, soreness, and a temporary burning sensation are usually experienced in worked areas. Perfectly controllable with outpatient treatment.

Infection, asymmetry of the face, pigmentation changes (hyper or hypo) and decreased sensibility of the areas.

Full recovery time is between 20 to 28 days, during which the patient will be asked to wear a compression garment.

The procedure achieves good results in patients with excess fat along the jowl and in the neck, good skin elasticity, and minimal platysmal banding.