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Mons Pubis Improvement

When it is very prominent, patients report hygiene problems, problems when wearing certain tight or sports clothes, and self-esteem problems in their sexual relationships. 

Also, when too thin can impact sexual gratification since the natural fatty cushion supports women, without it women are more prone to feel pain during sexual intercourse. 


Mons Pubis Reduction 

After tumescent local anesthesia and on an outpatient or half-stay basis, we proceed to extract excess fat using 1.8 -2.4mm diameter cannulas and manual liposuction, PAL (power-assisted liposuction), WAL (water-assisted liposuction), etc. 


Mons Pubis-pexy 

This procedure is done through a lower abdomen incision, ideal when the patient has a previous C-section since the pexy can be done through the preexisting scar where not only the pubic area itself but also the external genitalia, are pulled upward. Drains can be used in this procedure and will depend on each individual case. 


Mons Pubis Augmentation 

Fat can be injected in the pubic area when needed according to the individual circumstances of each patient.  

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Useful Information

Ensure you consider all aspects of a procedure. You can speak to your surgeon about these areas of the surgery in more detail during a consultation.


The procedures typically take around two hours depending on whether it is performed as a combined procedure or not. 


For better results and more comfort, general anesthesia is the rule for this surgery.  


The patient can leave the surgical facility the same day after recovery from anesthesia. 

Additional Information

Poor results can result in, dehiscence, haematoma, scarring, pain, dyspareunia, and deformity. These complications can be minimized with appropriate patient selection, choice of procedure, and a meticulous technique.  

The area may be swollen for 4-6 weeks. Return to work is possible after 5-7 days. Sexual activity and sports are allowed after six to eight weeks. 

With good surgical technique, the results are very satisfying with an improved sexual satisfaction and quality of life.