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ISAPS Humanitarian Program – Developing Goals and Progressing the Humanitarian Task Force

Expanding Opportunities for Educational Programs In Developing Countries

As the world’s leading professional body for board-certified plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons with the mission to inspire and nurture plastic reconstructive surgery and Aesthetic Education Worldwide®️ for the safety of patients, ISAPS understands the importance of aiding those in need.

We appreciate the many members of our #ISAPSFamily who work towards this ethic and actively support humanitarian work worldwide. In this context, we look forward to further progressing our current Humanitarian Task Force and increasing our goals to expand opportunities for educational programs in developing countries. This includes plans to develop ISAPS members’ missions for future disaster volunteer outreach. We hope that by leading these projects, amongst others, we will increase the impact of our Society on global humanitarian affairs.

When recently asked to describe the ISAPS Humanitarian Program, Dr. Tunc Tiryaki (Turkiye), Chair of the Humanitarian Programs Task Force, said, “Plastic reconstructive surgeons are like the Swiss army knife of emergency, disaster relief.”

As leaders in this field, we can offer indispensable resources to those afflicted by troubling circumstances, and with our unique knowledge and background, we can help those who need it most.  

As we move forward in this direction, we will share the undertakings of ISAPS members, what they are doing for the humanitarian scope, and how our Society will continue to increase efforts in this field as we continue to grow.

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki (Turkiye)
Chair of the Humanitarian Programs Task Force

Humanitarian Program