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ISAPS Commemorates World Patient Safety Day September 17, 2023

Today, September 17, 2023, we commemorate World Patient Safety Day, which this year is dedicated to "Engaging patients for patient safety" and the slogan "Elevate the voice of patients!"

This coincides with ISAPS' vision for safe and effective aesthetic procedures and improved quality of life for all patients worldwide. To achieve this goal, ISAPS provides patients with information on procedures, how to choose a surgeon, and advice when considering having a procedure abroad.

To promote patient safety, ISAPS publishes safety standards for plastic surgeons and offers several platforms with information for patients, including guidelines, checklistsand social media updates, to help patients make informed and safe decisions. 

One of ISAPS' main patient safety components is the four pillars in the Patient Safety Diamond. Dr. Montserrat Fontbona, ISAPS Patient Safety Committee Chair, and other Patient Safety Committee members discuss its significance in this video. 

ISAPS Patients Safety Resources