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Concepts of Beauty: Lips

Join us in exploring the beauty of lips! We received exquisite contributions from across the continents on what “beautiful lips” resemble worldwide. The perception of “truly beautiful lips” varies, but one thing all of them have in common is perfection and symmetry. Read more about lips in these articles from the last issue of the ISAPS News

Beauty of Lips: A Malaysian Perspective
Ilyasak Hussin (Malaysia) 

Concepts of Beauty and Cultural Diversity - the Lips:
The African Perspective 
Egiehiokhin Isiwele (Nigeria) 

Concept of Beauty and Cultural Diversity in the European Region: LIPS
Smilja Tudjarova Gjorgova (North Macedonia) 

What is a Beautiful Lip in Latin America
Douglas Narvae Riera (Venezuela)  

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