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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal Award Winners

The Official Journal of ISAPS, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (APS) provides a forum for original articles advancing the art of aesthetic plastic surgery, and to promote the exchange of ideas in our specialty, APS awards authors of articles with the most citations and the most downloads.

This year, we would like to extend our congratulations to the following authors for receiving the 2022 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal (APS) Awards

The winners for the most cited article:
Striae Distensae: In Vitro Study and Assessment of Combined Treatment with Sodium Ascorbate and Platelet-Rich Plasma on Fibroblasts,by the authors Drs. Simone La Padula; Barbara Hersant; Chiara Pizza; Christophe Chesné; Agnes Jamin; Ismail Ben Mosbah; Concetta Errico; Francesco D’Andrea; Umberto Rega; Paolo Persichetti; and Jean Paul Meningaud.

The winners for the most downloaded article:
Avoiding Complications on the Upper Face Treatment with Botulinum Toxin: A Practical Guideby Drs. André Borba; Suzana Matayoshi; Matheus Rodrigues.

Thank you for choosing APS to publish your article and compliments on your achievements.

Note: the selection process is unbiased and based on the report from the publisher.

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