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Quarterly NEWS: 2023 Section Additions

In our last NEWS issue, we introduced two new sections: Concepts of Beauty and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

The latter section highlights some of our specialties' most influential figures and their impact on what aesthetic plastic surgery is today as we know it. It pays tribute to the many founders of our specialty and current plastic surgeon experts. It is our way to honor those who paved the way and made it possible for us to practice aesthetic plastic surgery, as well as today's leaders. Through sharing their stories, we can reflect on the many things they did and do to make it possible for us to continue to advance and progress our specialty.

Our September issue featured "One Of The Greats: Jose Clementino Viñas, MD," by Dr. Jose Manuel Viñas (Argentina). We are busy preparing our December issue, where you can learn from Dr. Dirk Richter (Germany), Co-Editor of ISAPS News, about one of our specialties' most revered figures, Prof. Ulrich T. Hinderer, who was one of the 12 founding members of ISAPS. You will also learn about "The Professor Ivo Pitanguy," written by our member from Brazil, Dr. Barbara Helena Barcaro Machado.

The ISAPS News Editorial Board wanted to complement this notion of the "greats" and created the Concepts of Beauty section, which features varying views from leaders who share the intricacies of the meaning of beauty worldwide, with a focus on a specific characteristic of beauty and the perceived differences between cultures in each issue. For our first Concepts of Beauty article, Dr. Joachim Von Finckenstein (Germany) shared his views on beauty by contributing an impression of "Why Are We Turned On By Beauty?" For the next Concepts of Beauty section, we highlight perspectives from across the continents on lips:

Beauty Of Lips: A Malaysian Perspective
Ilyasak Hussin, MD – Malaysia

Concepts Of Beauty And Cultural Diversity - The Lips:
The African Perspective
Egiehiokhin Isiwele, MD – Nigeria
ISAPS National Secretary

What is a Beautiful Lip in Latin America?
Douglas Narvaez Riera, MD – Venezuela
ISAPS National Secretary

Concept of Beauty and Cultural Diversity in the European Region: LIPS
Smilja Tudjarova Gjorgova, MD – North Macedonia

Our next issue will be released on December 15, 2023, be sure to check it out.

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