Ghent, Belgium

A 3 months fellowship can be spent in the prestigious private clinic of Dr Tonnard and Verpaele in Ghent, Belgium. As a fellow, you are expected to be present at all the surgeries performed by either Dr. Tonnard or Dr. Verpaele. Assisting with other plastic surgeons is optional but recommended if available. You are also encouraged to participate in or initiate the writing of clinical papers during your fellowship. Junior authorship will be granted.

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Visa, work permit



The fellows will have the use of a car. To be allowed to drive this car here, you will need an international driver’s license. Make sure you acquire this before you come over.

Fellowship Hosts

Prof. Patrick Tonnard

Prof. Patrick Tonnard

  • Coupure Center for Plastic Surgery
Dr. Alexis Verpaele

Dr. Alexis Verpaele

  • BV Dr Alexis Verpaele Plastische Chirurgie
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The wide spectrum of the training from Dr. Patrick L. Tonnard and Dr. Alexis Verpaele has helped me to learn the best in Aesthetic Surgery. The three months from January 2018 to April 2018 were special in terms of learning from the Masters in the speciality. I got exposed to the various aspects of regenerative medicine in my fellowship period. They were kind enough to share their wisdom, experience and knowledge with me. I learned the precise manner in which the operative procedures were performed every time the patient goes to theatre and the meticulous techniques they practiced. 

Shree Harsh

Ghent Fellowship 2018