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ISAPS Timeline - The Highlights

1950s and 1960s

International Society of Plastic Surgeons


The “International Society of Plastic Surgeons” was created in Stockholm. The development in the techniques of repair of war injuries, congenital malformations and acquired deformities demanded special knowledge and justified the separation of Plastic Surgery from General Surgery as a Specialty on its own.

Proposition of Founding ISAPS


Discussions concerning the convenience of creation of an International Association were held in various countries, but did not crystalize until David Serson from Sao Paulo, Brazil, proposed the foundation of an International Society of Aesthetic Surgery.

Creation of ISAPS


On October 1, the Constitution and Bylaws were concluded and thereafter corrected and the structure and ideals of the Society defined. It was agreed to call the Society “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” to demonstrate that Aesthetic Surgery is a branch of Plastic Surgery.


International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


The Name of the Society became, as founded at the United Nations in February 1970, “International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”.

Microform Journal


Mario Gonzalez-Ulloa, Joseph A. Tamerin and Leo A. Bornstein, founded the “International Microform Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”. The main purpose was to offer the microfiche for publication of new techniques without delay, thus protecting the right of the authors, and to publish large monographs with colour reproductions in a short space.

The First Congress


The First Congress took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in February. Over 400 Plastic Surgeons from almost 30 countries attended the meeting. The preparations for the Scientific Program were managed from Madrid by Ulrich Hinderer who invited Mario Gonzalez-Ulloa and Seiichi Ohmori as Co-Chairmen.

The Second Congress


The Second Congress convened in Jerusalem, Israel in June where Dr. John R. Lewis, Jr., transferred the Presidency to Dr. Mario Gonzalez-Ulloa in a ceremony held at the Knesset, under the Chagal tapestries.

APS Journal


Ulrich T. Hinderer, presented to the Executive Foundation his previous studies, a provisional contract for publication of the journal “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”, and proposals for the management of the Journal. Hinderer felt that there was a need for publication of a journal devoted to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which should be published by ISAPS which would contribute to strengthen the Society and the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for Plastic Surgeons


Education Council


ISAPS' educational programs included teaching courses, lectures given by the “Visiting Professors,” technical publications, the establishment of a Video-Library and the Journal. Sanford Glanz proposed that some of these programs were joined under the guidance of an “Education Council” first chaired by Rodolphe Meyer, followed by Jose Guerrerosantos and Ulrich Hinderer as Co-Chairmen.

APS Journal as a Member Benefit


From 1981 on, the subscription to the APS Journal was included in the membership dues.

New APS Journal Cover


The journal changed its face thanks to the efforts made mainly by Blair O. Rogers, by Trudy Vogt and Gonzalez-Ulloa. The new art work of Hans Ernie, a famous Swiss painter, was then used as cover for the Journal and received first prize in a German book fair.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Textbook


A 5-Volume Textbook, “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” was sponsored by ISAPS and edited by Mario Gonzalez-Ulloa, James W. Smith, Rodolphe Meyer and Giancarlo Zaoli. The Textbook, with iconography was written by 27 prominent members of ISAPS, and published by Piccin in 1987.


Liposuction Society


The Liposuction Society included the subscription to the ISAPS APS Journal as part of their membership dues.