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History of ISAPS

Published here, a detailed history of the first 50 years of ISAPS' history.


The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery was conceived in 1969, with the goal of creating a global forum for the advancement and exchange of knowledge in aesthetic plastic surgery.  Over the decades, ISAPS expanded its reach and influence through international congresses, the establishment of the journal "Aesthetic Plastic Surgery" , and the creation of educational programs and initiatives such as the Visiting Professors Program. 

ISAPS also developed the Global Alliance, collaborating with national societies to standardize and enhance training and practices in aesthetic surgery worldwide. The society continues to play a crucial role in fostering education, research, and ethical standards in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery

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ISAPS Timeline

Discover a timeline  of the significant milestones, congresses, publications, and organizational developments in the history of ISAPS.

Past-Presidents of ISAPS

View a list of all individuals who have served as ISAPS President, lending their expertise and guidance in pursuit of ISAPS' mission and strategic priorities.

ISAPS Congresses

Discover the rich history of the ISAPS Congresses, a cornerstone event in aesthetic plastic surgery taking place all over the world.

International Contributions to Plastic Surgery

Explore our comprehensive list of surgeons from all over the world who were the first to perform specific procedures.

History of Plastic Surgery

Dive into the fascinating history of aesthetic plastic surgery. From ancient techniques to groundbreaking advances during the World Wars and modern-day technological marvels.

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The Archives

Interested to find out more? Check out our collection of archives which dive into detail on the historical events of ISAPS.

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