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International Contributions to the History of Plastic Surgery

Year Description Name Country
1845 First aesthetic operations J.F. Dieffenbach Germany
1881 First cosmetic otoplasty E.T. Ely (ENT) USA
1887 First tip plasty J.O. Roe (ENT) USA
1891 First intranasal rhinoplasty J.O. Roe (ENT) USA
1892 First alar base excision R.F. Weir USA
1896 First double-lid blepharoplasty K. Mikamo Japan
1898 First extranasal rhinoplasty J. Josep Germany
1899 First abdominoplasty H.A. Kelly USA
1905 First aesthetic dermabrasion E. Kromayer (Derm) Germany
1906 First full-time aesthetic surgeon C.C. Miller USA
1906 First western aesthetic blepharoplasty C.C. Miller USA
1907 First aesthetic surgery handbook C.C. Miller USA
1907 First published operation for rhytids C.C.Miller USA
1910 First otoplasty with antihelical shaping W.H. Luckett USA
1911 First published pre/postop aesthetic photographs F.S. Kolle USA
1911 First aesthetic surgery textbook F.S. Kolle USA
1912 First chin implant V.P. Blair USA
1916 First female aesthetic surgeon A.S. NOËL France
1919 First published minilift R. Passot France
1919 First cervical dermolipectomy R. Passot France
1919 First forehead plasty R. Passot France
1920 First published rhytidectomy A.G. Bettman USA
1921 First nipple transposition mammaplasty E. Lexer Germany
1922 First nipple transplantation mammaplasty M. Thorek USA
1922 First nipple lateral mammaplasty E. Hollander Germany
1923 First nipple inverted-T mammaplasty F. Lotsch Germany
1925 First nipple vertical mammaplasty L. Dartigues France
1925 First transconjunctional blepharoplasty J. Bourguet France
1926 First intrascalp forehead plasty H.L. Hunt USA
1928 First modern reduction mammaplasty H. Biesenberger Germany
1931 First open rhinoplasty A. Rethi (ENT) Hungary
1931 First scalp flap for male pattern baldness R. Passot France
1934 First extramucosal rhinoplasty E. Eitner Austria
1940 First secondary rhinoplasty J. Maliniac USA
1940 First belt lipectomy M.Somalo Argentina
1942 First genioplasty O. Hofers Germany
1947 First subfrontalis forehead plasty G.W. Pierce USA
1950 First combined major aesthetic operations M. Gonsalez-Ulloa Mexico
1951 First anatomic description fat compartments S. Castanares USA
1952 First professional chemical peel G. M. Mc Kee (Derm) England
1954 First surgical suction drainage G. Jost FRANCE
1957 First Thigh lift J.R. Lewis USA
1957 First brachioplasty H. Gillies England
1957 First hair plug grafts for mal pattern baldness N. Orentreich (Derm) USA
1960 First pedicled reduction mammaplasty J.O. Strombeck Sweden
1962 First silicone augmentation mammaplasty T.D. Cronin USA
1962 First curette-assisted lipectomy K.Schrudde Germany
1965 First modern aesthetic abdominoplasty W.E.B. Callia Brazil
1965 First malar implant U. Hinderer Spain
1967 First published thigh-buttock lift I. Pitanguy Brazil
1967 First national aesthetic surgery society ASAPS USA
1968 First submandibular cervical lipectomy D.R. Millard USA
1969 First periareolar mammaplasty U. Hinderer Spain
1970 First international aesthetic surgery society ISAPS United Nations
1971 First aesthetic surgery microform journal editor J. Tamerin USA
1972 First tip graft J. Pollet France
1974 First platysmaplasty J.Guerrerosantos Mexico
1974 First deep-plane rhytidectomy T.Skoog Sweden
1975 First aesthetic canthoplasty U. Hinderer Spain
1976 First aesthetic surgery journal Aesthetic Plast. Surg. ISAPS
1976 First aesthetic surgery journal editor B.O. Rogers USA
1976 First anatomic description SMAS V. Mitz France
1977 First buttock augmentation M. Gonzalez-Ulloa Mexico
1977 First blunt suction assisted lipectomy G. Illouz France
1979 First subperiosteal rhytidectomy P. Tessier France
1980 First periareolar reduction mammaplasty G. Peixoto Brazil
1981 First fat pad translocation R. Loeb Brazil
1981 First hair micro grafts for male pattern baldness R.E.A. Nordstrom Finland
1981 First aesthetic facial osteotomies F. Otiz-Monasterio Mexico
1983 First lower body lift R. Baroudi Brazil
1983 First reduction malarplasty T. Onizuka Japan
1984 First spreader graft J. Sheen USA
1985 First fat retention blepharoplasty R. de la Plaza Spain
1985 First preperiosteal midface rhytidectomy U. Hinderer Spain
1985 First successful aesthetic lipo filling A. Chajchir Argentina
1985 First periareolar suture-circlage mammaplasty I. Peled Israel
1987 First experimental ultrasonic liposuction N.Scuderi Italy
1989 First clinical ultrasonic lipectomy M. Zocchi Italy
1992 First laser resurfacing L.M. David (Derm) USA
1992 First endoscopic plastic surgery L. Vasconez USA
1992 First absorbable mesh mammaplasty J.C.S. Goes Brazil