The hidden marketing tool to help you attract more patients. As an aesthetic plastic surgeon working in an increasingly competitive market, you are always looking for opportunities to grow your practice.

One of the benefits of ISAPS membership is access to the ISAPS approved revision insurance.

ISAPS, in collaboration with Medical Safety Providers, has developed a revision insurance specifically designed for plastic surgeons, and available to ISAPS surgeons. This insurance includes revision cover for up to 24 months post-surgery, including theatre, hospital and anaesthetist costs.

Availability together with terms and conditions vary from time to time and in each territory so please visit for further information where you will also find a comprehensive list of covered procedures and diagnosed conditions.

As an ISAPS member, you will be entitled to promote that you are covered by this insurance and have exclusive access to the logo as seen below.

Download logo from your Member Resources.

Discover ISAPS Approved Revision Insurance

Find further information about what cover is available to you in the country you are a practising surgeon.