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Considering Your Procedure Abroad

When considering cosmetic surgery abroad, it is especially important to make your planning and decisions carefully. In addition to ISAPS’ guidelines for patients, we encourage you to do your own research and collect the answers to the questions provided in this section of the ISAPS website. Note that each country has different safety guidelines and the safety levels might be different, so you should also research the specific ones for the country you are considering as part of the process for looking into getting a procedure done abroad.

Choosing the Right Procedure

Making sure you choose the right procedure is the first step. Click the link below to find out more

Make a Plan

A well formulated plan is vital for considering surgery abroad. Click the link below to explore items your plan should cover, including a handy planning checklist.

Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

It is vital you take the time to choose the right surgeon for you and for the procedure(s) you wish to have. Read more information on how to choose your surgeon abroad.

It's important to consider the immediate post-surgery aftercare and other considerations. Find out more below

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