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ISAPS Fellowship Program

2024 Program: Closed for applications
2025 Program: Will be opening applications shortly

The ISAPS Fellowship Program is designed for a stay of three months for ISAPS Resident and Associate members. This is an international program offering 52 fellowships of 3 months each across 15 countries. The intention is to provide intensive training in a broader field of aesthetic surgery. 

What can the ISAPS Fellowship Program offer?

Prior to the commencement of a fellowship, both fellowship directors and fellows mutually agree to the compliance with the goals of the fellowship and the “exchange” of training of the fellow by the director with the fellow’s “service” in the appropriate sections indicated by the director during the fellowship period. 

Advanced Education

The primary goal of the fellowship is to provide advanced clinical education in aesthetic surgery. 

Intensive Training

The intention of the program is to get intensive training in a broader field of aesthetic surgery.

Hands-On Experience

The fellowship can offer hands-on experience in certain cases, with scrubbing in when possible. This, of course, depends on factors like the case, your experience/skills and the rules set by medical authorities in each country.


The exposure to different aspects of plastic surgery on the face in this fellowship program will be unsurpassed and difficult to come by in any other setting.

Fellowship Locations

We offer 52 fellowships of 3 months each across 15 countries. When selected, fellows are offered a location based on preference, availability, and visa requirements. Click on the dropdown box to view the program's locations and hosts.

Useful Information

The fellowship program is designed for a longer stay of three months.


The structure of such a teaching program is entirely up to the fellowship host.

This program is for ISAPS members only. You are eligible to apply if you are either

  • a resident in the last year of your national recognized plastic surgical subspecialist training program OR
  • recently board certified (within 3 years of certification).

Please note only ISAPS members can apply. If you are not yet a member, join ISAPS today – Resident Eco membership is free. Find out more here.

Fellows do not receive a salary. We believe that the experience our fellows obtain during their stay is hard to come by and worth a lot over the course of their subsequent careers. Additionally, fellows are also not required to do on-calls or have other clinical duties.

Our new application portal is where you fill in and submit your online application. Here you will need to register for an account with the email your ISAPS membership is linked to. You will then be able to begin an application. This portal will allow you to track the status of your application as it goes through the review process, and where you will find an update on whether or not you have been successful.

For more information on applying, click here.

Interested in Becoming a Host?

In order to become a Fellowship Host, you must:

  • have been an active member of ISAPS for at least 5 years;
  • be board certified for at least 10 years;
  • provide evidence of scientific talks and publications.

If you are eligible and interested, please contact us.

Become a Fellowship Host


I was fortunate to be offered a fellowship at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

I was warmly welcomed and from the first day of the fellowship itself, I felt like a part of the team. The faculty at GOSH are fantastic teachers, nurturing and helpful. During the course of my fellowship, I had the opportunity to visit multiple private practices across London and learn the finer nuances of a variety of aesthetic procedures.

I also had the opportunity to learn and discuss complex facial reanimation with the faculty and the visiting professors at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. The intricate and detailed planning for the routine procedures that took place amongst multi-disciplinary teams was impressive. There was a lot of diversity in the department which enabled me to learn different techniques adopted by different surgeons across the globe.

I met some great colleagues and made some good friends. We were able to discuss and exchange notes based on our experiences and this was extremely valuable.

This fellowship offers a great mix of private aesthetic practices across London as well as craniofacial, if you desire. This was an extremely valuable experience for me and I am happy to integrate some of the finer tips and tricks into my practice in the future. I left having made good friends, acquiring mentors and enjoyed my stay thoroughly.


Megha Sodhi

London Fellowship 2022