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Dr. Venkata Yamani

ISAPS Mentor Venkata Yamani

Hyderabad, India

Dr. Venkata Yamani

Dr. Venkata Yamani

  • Contours Plastic Surgery Center

As cosmetic surgery is still not included in the academic curriculum, this will help young surgeons to interact directly with aesthetic surgery ethically and scientifically. We have collected a lot of data in the form of images and videos of various aesthetic surgical procedures over the years of good and bad outcomes. It gives me an opportunity to teach and share with the junior plastic surgeon.

We perform approximately 350-400 aesthetic surgical procedures a year. Most of my aesthetic surgical work is rhinoplasties, liposuction, FUE hair transplantations, breast surgery and dermato-surgical procedures. We perform approximately 90-100 rhinoplasties where we record operations and save the data, which is invaluable learning material for the visiting fellow. Contours Plastic Surgery is a dedicated aesthetic surgical and non-surgical service.

We also have another plastic surgeon and a dermatologist offering aesthetic surgery with ethical and scientific standards and are equipped with Ultrasonic liposuction (Lysonix), NDYAD long pulse laser, Q-switched laser, Vectra XT for surgical simulation, face breast and body, so it would be a great learning experience for the junior plastic surgeon.

Contours Plastic Surgery Center

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