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Dr. Renato Saltz

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Salt Lake City, UT
ISAPS Expert Dr. Renato Saltz

Salt Lake City and Park City, UT (USA)

Dr. Renato Saltz

Dr. Renato Saltz

  • Saltz Plastic Surgery

This program will include observing cosmetic surgery of the face and body (in the operating room and clinic) as well as injectables. Additionally, time will be spent in the Medical Spa with Master Aestheticians. We have visitors from everywhere and different levels of training and practice. They are not able to scrub in surgery but can observe in the operating room and follow Dr Saltz, his injectors and master aestheticians in both clinics Salt Lake City and Park City.

Saltz Plastic Surgery

Dr Saltz is in private practice in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah where he opened Spa Vitoria in 2002, the first medical spa in the Intermountain West. His mission is to provide ultimate excellent care beyond surgery and non-surgical treatments and bring to the mountains of Utah an exotic and healing atmosphere that reflects the beauty of his native Brazil.


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