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Dr. Juan Sierra Mejia

ISAPS Mentor Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia

Medellin, Colombia

Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia

Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia

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Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia is a plastic surgeon dedicated to cosmetic surgery for over 22 years. He completed my residency in Rio de Janeiro in 1997 with experts who supported him in his professional training. He has been working in private practice since then and has performed more than 6,000 surgeries of which 80% have been aesthetic. He has worked in the most important clinics in Medellin, Colombia and more recently in Quirofanos El Tesoro.
In Quirofanos El Tesoro there are 9 surgery rooms, 20 plastic surgeons, and more than 400 plastic surgeries performed in a month. His most frequent surgeries are breast, buttocks and abdominal contour.

"My greatest strength is my love for what I do and the desire to convey to new surgeons my experience in the development of the professional exercise of plastic surgery, not only in technical but ethical aspects, to know details about the implementation of administration and marketing tools that allow one to practice the profession in an integral way."

Clinica Quirofanos El Tesoro 

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