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Resident Webinar: ISAPS - APS Journal Club - Breast Augmentation

Saturday - May 21 2022 - 13:00 UTCResident Webinar: ISAPS - APS Journal Club - Hot Topics in Breast AugmentationThe ISAPS - APS Journal Club sessions are informal in-Zoom meetings that focus on a featured topic drawn from recent publications in APS to create more in-depth discussions between ISAPS authors residents and subject expertsnbspJoin ISAPS moderators Dr Ozan Sozer and Dr Ruth Graf to discuss the following papers:Surgical Treatment of Capsular Contracture CC: Literature Review and Outcomes Utilizing Implants in Revisionary SurgerynbspZingaretti Paolo Vittorini Valentina Savino Jacopo Claudio Vittorini Francesco De Francesco Michele Riccio Pier Camillo ParodinbspnbspCapsular Contracture in Breast Implant Surgery: Where Are We Now and Where Are We GoingnbspYara BachourIs Breast Implant AssociatedmdashAnaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma linked to textured implantsnbspMaurizio Bruno Nava Paolo Chiodini Giuseppe Catanuto Nicola RoccoBreast Aesthetic Preferences: Analysis of 1294 SurveysnbspNatalia Mejia Jimenez Alfredo Salvador Patroacuten GoacutemezHematoma After Non-Oncologic Breast Procedures: A Comprehensive Review of the EvidencenbspDavid A Daar Jonathan M Bekisz Michael V Chiodo Evellyn M DeMitchell-Rodriguez Pierre B