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Letter from Maria Wiedner, MD

Fellowship Program Co-ordinator

As the new chair of the residents and fellowship program committee I am proud to introduce our new website and to report about our activities and plans for the future.

As the Chair of a training program, I knew there was a huge demand for aesthetic education among our residents. They were looking for courses and fellowship programs all over the world as they are willing to travel - but not much was available.

As one of ISAPS missions is aesthetic education worldwide® it became clear that we should become the number one society for the younger generation and to meet their demands.

To find out the different requirements worldwide for a fellowship we asked our national secretaries in 106 countries of the world to gather any kind of information and to learn about and from existing programs. We received many interesting details showing that a variety of licenses may be necessary. In some countries, a medical license is enough other countries require also medical language tests for hands-on training.

Another aspect for the team was to identify adequate teachers so that the fellow receives a high-level education in a special field of aesthetic surgery. The already existing successful ISAPS visiting professor program was of great help. We also reviewed the master class lecturers of the ISAPS biennial meetings.

As a first step, we implemented the Visit an ISAPS expert program, which is designed for a short stay at the expert from one week to three months. This program is offered by ISAPS members that accept plastic surgeons for short periods of training for an informal and more intimate fellowships in their practices and clinics or academic settings. The intention is to improve already existing knowledge on a special field of aesthetic surgery in a short period of time at designated ISAPS experts all over the world.

As the next step, the ISAPS fellowship program is designed for a longer stay, for three or six months. The intention is to get an intensive training in a broader field of aesthetic surgery. This format is applicable for residents as part of their training for plastic surgery but also up to three years after board certification. At the moment we offer fellowships in 13 departments. We are currently looking for additional clinics and into funding and financial aspects. As in many countries due to legal aspects hands on is only permitted with certain national licenses, the fellowship is only offered as observership, if you cannot fulfill all these criteria. 

The structure of such a teaching program is entirely up to the expert and local host and of course the fellow needs to be an ISAPS member too. 

Finally, we are proud to present a worldwide map of different locations for the visit the expert and fellowship program, with all the information necessary for application at one click.

We are very enthusiastic about your feedback,

All the best

Maria Wiedner, MD

Fellowship Program Co-ordinator

Dr. Maria Wiedner

Dr. Maria Wiedner

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