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    Международного общества эстетической пластической хирургии (ISAPS) была создана в 1970 году для содействия передового опыта в области эстетической хирургии во всем мире. Общество Особенно посвященный … more

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  • Plastic Surgeries Trends on the Rise

    Here at ISAPS, getting new data is kind of like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween rolled into one. Just a few weeks ago, the 2016 ISAPS Global Statistics Survey was publically released and, if we … more

  • How to Avoid Scarring After Surgery

    One of the reasons that many people avoid plastic surgery, even if they want a procedure, is because of the fear of scarring. After all, the entire point of having plastic surgery is to get a … more

  • The Benefits of Breast Reduction

    Ask the average people on the street what they know about breast cosmetic surgery, and odds are they will say, “breast implants.” Although breast augmentation is one of the most popular … more