A New Video on the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Website Warns Patients About Going Overseas to Seek Cosmetic Procedures

Feb 10 2016

New York, NY – February 10, 2016 – A new video on the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) website (1) stresses the importance of getting plastic surgery procedures  from only board certified plastic surgeons. President of ISAPS, Susumu Takayanagi, MD reveals that Millennials now make up a much larger portion of the patient base for cosmetic surgery procedures. In their quest to get these procedures done at the lowest cost, some Generation Y patients are cutting corners by working with doctors who were not specifically trained in plastic surgery.

In 2011, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported that about 800,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on Americans in their 20’s. Among the top requested procedures are breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and Botox. Breast reduction in men has become more common as well, especially for Generation Y.

Just in the U.S. alone, $12 billion was spent in 2014 on procedures such as Botox, facelifts, eye lifts, tummy tucks and other techniques aimed at helping people feel better about the way they look. Many doctors report that each year, plastic surgery patients seem to be getting younger and more open-minded about procedures. Experts believe that Millennials are becoming more desensitized to going under the knife because their favorite Hollywood celebrities (2) are using these techniques to look better. The WLKY TV news story says that Millennials are becoming comfortable and unashamed about their plastic surgery.

Since 2000, the total number of cosmetic procedures has risen 87 per cent over all age groups, totaling 13.8 million in 2011. This global phenomenon is underscored by the larger number of innovative new procedures being perfected each year.

As requests for cosmetic procedures increase, doctors are seeing more abuse in the industry. Often, surgical procedures are carried out by a nurse or technician, not a licensed medical doctor, and the outcome can be less than positive. Patients may have to go back to have work repaired. In some cases, this has cost individuals considerable time and money, not to mention stress and depression.

The President of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Dr. Susumu Takayanagi, has this warning for those seeking cosmetic plastic surgery:

This field is undergoing great advancements, and we very much want to stress the importance of working with board-certified plastic surgeons. In order to get the best possible results, patients should check to make sure their doctor has the proper board certifications — but being “board certified” is simply not enough. Patients need to ask, “Which board is the doctor certified by?” (For example, in the U.S., by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.) It’s a common misconception that cosmetic doctors in North America and around the world are required to undergo an advanced level of medical training specific to aesthetic medicine in order to start offering patients cosmetic surgery and treatments. That is simply not the case.

Any doctor with a medical degree and active license can decide to open a cosmetic clinic. This means that doctors who are gynecologists, vein doctors or even family medicine practitioners can legally open a cosmetic clinic without any kind of aesthetic plastic surgery training at all. Moreover, tragic problems often occur because people perform aesthetic surgery without receiving proper medical training — in some instances even limited to simply reading a book or watching a training video. These “doctors” draw in many patients with flashy advertisements, which unfortunately results in very dangerous outcomes, even patients’ lives being put at risk.

Dr. Takayanagi recommends that patients seeking plastic surgery look into the surgeon they’re considering to ensure they are a member of ISAPS. He adds, “This is the platinum standard in aesthetic surgery because members possess the highest level of advanced aesthetic training and greatest degree of experience. ISAPS is committed to its mission of promoting Best Practices in aesthetic surgery around the world, and helping the public to make educated and informed decisions in choosing aesthetic surgeons who are board-certified in aesthetic plastic surgery.”


The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the premier global organization of over 3000 board-certified plastic surgeons from 100 countries, is committed to using Best Practices for the safety and happiness of their patients. Considered the platinum standard in aesthetic plastic surgery, ISAPS members undergo a rigorous selection-and-approval process, and help facilitate the most comprehensive series of educational courses and symposia for aesthetic plastic surgeons around the world. ISAPS is dedicated to its two-fold global mission of helping raise the bar in aesthetic plastic surgery and helping patients make educated decisions in choosing the best doctor for their safety and peace of mind. The ISAPS website contains extensive explanations of most plastic surgery procedures, as well as detailed information about all its members in its Find-a-Surgeon section. For more information about how to select a qualified cosmetic doctor and to understand why ISAPS plastic surgeons possess the highest level of training and credentials in aesthetic surgery, please visit https://www.isaps.org or contact www.PremierPhysicianMarketing.com for more information.