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Dear friends and colleagues,

Following my 2016-2018 term as the Education Council Chairman being appointed by our past President Renato Saltz, it is my great honor to have been re-appointed to the same position by our new President, Dirk Richter for the next term, 2018-2020.

In my capacity as the EC Chairman for 2016-2018, together with my Vice-Chair, Dr. Ozan Sozer, we had the opportunity to organize many educational events in cooperation with the EC committee members, but also to bring the EC to new standards and achievements following the steady steps of our predecessors.

The EC had a new and expanded role within the ISAPS organization including set up of the entire ISAPS Course program worldwide, review and approval of Endorsed Program applications, and coordination of ISAPS Symposia, working closely with ISAPS members, the National Secretaries and National Societies to ensure their involvement and full support during the organization of ISAPS educational events.

The EC guidelines where revised, approved and circulated to the EC regional representatives (EC committee members) around the globe for their information and implementation during ISAPS educational events. New unified certificates were created for participants, acknowledgement certificates for local organizers and residents participating in the Visiting Professor Program (VPP), invitation faculty letters were drafted, regulations were revised and formatted for more versatile procedures, and many more changes that you can find in our EC link in the website.

Every effort was made to have the EC Chair or Vice-Chair present at the majority of the educational events worldwide, while in their absence the regional representative(s) attended, representing the EC.

Our hard work in the EC provided the highest quality of education events and has immensely increased the demand for such events worldwide.

A new reimbursement policy was established for ISAPS and the travelling faculty, which honored their support to our mission Aesthetic Education Worldwide®. The income from the reimbursement policy was used for the organization of live webinars, a new video library that is free for members, the VPP, and will also support other educational “products” and policies which will soon follow.

A new Program called F.A.S.T. (Fundamental Aesthetic Surgery Training) – a comprehensive course with three basic modules: Face, Breast and Body – was also structured and is already in action. Very didactic, very well structured and with young, highly motivated professors mainly intended for younger Plastic Surgeons with up to 5 years in practice, but also available for every plastic surgeon interested to attend.

There are three programs that can be offered and organized by the Education Council:

ISAPS Instructional Courses
ISAPS Courses are fully organized by ISAPS. The EC is responsible for content and faculty selection. An ISAPS member, a National Secretary or a National Society affiliated with ISAPS, can request a course to be held in their country. The EC will schedule an official Instructional Course on the ISAPS Calendar to avoid conflicts with other meetings. Local hosts will be asked to assist with arrangements for the course and a portion of the profit will be paid to ISAPS. Travel, hotel and all expenses for faculty are the responsibility of the hosting organization. The EC Guidelines offer comprehensive and detailed description of the organizational steps and are available on our website.

Updated information about our courses can be found on our website, in ISAPS News, and in our journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Optional donations to the Education Council to support our educational efforts in underserved countries can be made by contacting the Executive Office.

ISAPS Symposia
Symposia are one-day education events organized by ISAPS members and/or National Secretaries and are usually scheduled the day before a National Society Meeting. Members are encouraged to contact ISAPS to arrange a Symposium and to help with faculty selection. Travel, hotel and all expenses are the responsibility of the hosting organization. ISAPS faculty are usually the guests of the society to attend the National Society meeting following the Symposium.

ISAPS Endorsed Programs
These education activities are sponsored and produced entirely by ISAPS members, National Secretaries and National Societies. A completed application for endorsement will be promptly reviewed and once approved will provide your education program with the ISAPS logo, official endorsement statement, and worldwide marketing through our newsletter, journal and mass e-mails sent to our extensive global mailing list. There is a fee payable to ISAPS with the application for this program. The application form can be downloaded from our website or requested from the Executive Office.

ISAPS F.A.S.T. Program
This ISAPS “Educational Product” is intended mainly for younger qualified plastic surgeons, in training, with up to 5 years in practice but can also be attended by any plastic surgeon interested.It deals with the Fundamentals of Aesthetic Surgery on different anatomical regions and not with the very advanced topics presented in ISAPS Courses and Symposia.

It consists of three modules, organized quarterly in a period of one year, each one focusing on a different anatomic region over a standardized scientific program designed by the EC (Face, Breast, Body).

Every module will address in detail, mandatorily but not restrictively, the following:
– Basic surgical anatomy
– Step-by-step surgical techniques
– Pre-op and post-op care of patients
– Tips and tricks of each technique
– Common and uncommon complications; how to avoid         and how to treat them
– Common patients’ concerns
– Minimally and non-invasive techniques
– Patient Safety
– ISAPS Business School: How to build, market,        protect, and organize an aesthetic surgery practice; how  to introduce technology, energy-based devices and  other technology; and cyber security.

Local organizers can propose specific topics to be presented in the modules that might not be included in the list above and the EC will consider these proposals for inclusion.

More information for any kind of educational events can be found in the following link:

The EC for the new term has a lot more plans and visions including monthly webinars, different course structures, an ISAPS book on aesthetic surgery techniques, yearly official ISAPS meetings in different formats from the biennial Congress, digitalization of the EC function and activities and rejuvenation of the educational procedures.

I would like to welcome you all to this new EC term and kindly ask for your support to our mission.

On behalf of my EC vice-chair, Dr. Ozan Sozer, and myself I would like to thank all the EC regional representatives for their support, to welcome the new ones who joined us and of course to express our gratitude to our Past President, Dr. Renato Saltz, for his enormous trust and support during the past term and for giving us the opportunity by appointing us in 2016 to realize our visions working hard for the EC.

Vakis Kontoes, MD, PhD
Chairman, ISAPS Education Council

Education Council Members

Chair: Vakis Kontoes, Greece
Vice-Chair: Ozan Sozer, USA

Regional Representatives:


  • Jesus Benito-Ruiz, Spain
  • Apostolos Mandrekas, Greece
  • Violeta Skorobac-Asanin, Serbia
  • Henry Delmar, France
  • Paul Harris, United Kingdom
  • Dana Jianu, Romania

North America:

  • Gabriele Miotto, USA
  • Gustavo Jimenez Munoz Ledo, Mexico

South America:

  • Montserrat Fontbona, Chile
  • Javier Vera Cucchiaro, Argentina
  • Elvio Bueno Garica, Brazil


  • Sanguan Kunaporn, Thailand
  • Teddy Prasetyono, Indonesia
  • Eun-Sang Dhong, South Korea

Middle East and Africa:

  • Ewa Siolo, South Africa
  • Hussein Abulhassan, Egypt
  • Fuad Hashem, Saudi Arabia

Australia and Pacific:

  • Morris Ritz, Australia


  • Lee Pu, USA
  • Li Yu, China


  • Ashish Davalbhakta, India
  • Rakesh Kalra, India

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