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Discover the Safety and Efficacy Assessment of HA Dermal Fillers for Buttocks Enhancement – November 18, 2020 – 5pm UTC

As the only CE-mark holder for HA body fillers, at BioScience safety is our top priority and we aim to continuously fulfill this vision. In light of this, we are pleased to present another episode of The Aesthetic Reveal. In this new episode you will be able to:

  • Discern the safety and efficacy assessment of HA dermal fillers for buttocks enhancement,
  • Discover the value of clinical trials and the commitment of BioScience to these studies.
  • Hear distinct views and input on different surgical and non-surgical techniques
  • Learn more about the medical protocol for patient safety

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“Inner Bra” Technique in Aesthetic Breast SurgeryNovember 21, 2020 08:00-10:00 GMT (London)

This interactive webinar will focus on the technical aspects of primary and secondary augmentation, including proper patient measurements, surgical planning and implant selection. It will also include a discussion on patient communication and social media presence.

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