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Residents' Symposium

The theme of this year's Residents' Symposium is 'Basics in Aesthetics and Aesthetic Surgery', taking place on August 30, 2023.

Basics in Aesthetics and Aesthetic Surgery

The Residents' Symposium, open to all ISAPS residents, is a didactic informal walk through of some of the key areas of basic aesthetic surgery with our ISAPS experts.

This symposium is supported by ISAPS Platinum Global Sponsor



Dr. Gustavo Abrile, MD (Clinica de Cirugia Plastica Dr. Gustavo Abrile, Argentina)
Dr. Ozan Sozer, MD (El Paso Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center, USA)
Dr. Lina Triana, MD (Dr. Lina Triana, Colombia)


Module 01: Minimally Invasive Procedures (60 minutes)
Moderator: Dr. Mohamed Farouk, MD (Global Medical Center, Kuwait) 


  1. Non-Invasive Procedures, How they can help to build a busy practice for Young Plastic surgeons.                                                                                                                     
    Dr. Bianca Ohana (INCA / Bianca Ohana Group, Brazil) 
  2. Botox, Fillers & Threads.
    Dr. Iris Brito (Centro Hospitalar Universitario de Lisboa Central, Portugal)                  
  3. Energy Based Devices for Non-Surgical Aesthetics.
    Dr. Reha Yavuzer (Rene Clinic, Turkey)                          
  4. Tricks for PRP Preparations.
    Dr. Zekeriya Tosun (Selcuk University Tip Fakultesi, Turkey)
  5. Options of Facial Treatment with threads
    Dr. Mariam Tsivtsivadze (Total Charm Clinic, Georgia)

Module 02: Facial and Neck Surgery (60 minutes)
Moderator: Dr. Zekeriya Tosun, MD (Selcuk University Tip Fakultesi, Turkey)


  1. Basic Eyelid Anatomy and it is Clinical Relevance.
    Dr. Peter Myny, MD (Clinic The Baronie, Belgium)
  2. Analysis of deformities of the Face and Principles of Face Lifts.
    Dr. Dirk Richter, MD (Institut ID, Germany)
  3. Middle Face Lift
    Dr. Jesus Benito Ruiz, MD (Antiaging Group Barcelona, Spain)                       
  4. Evolution of Surgical Net: hemostasis to gliding surgery.
    Dr. Gerry O’Daniel, MD (O’Daniel Plastic Surgery Group, USA)
  5. Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation and contouring: a rationalized approach.
    Dr. Lee L.Q. Pu, MD, PhD (University of California, Davis, USA)


Module 03: Breast Surgery (60 minutes)                    
Moderator: Dr. Alejandro Monsalve, MD (Clinica Las Vegas, Colombia)                      


  1. How to plan, mark and perform the optimal breast augmentation?
    Dr. Per Heden, MD (Art Clinic, Sweden)
  2. A,B,C, in Breast Augmentation.
    Dr. Juan Seren, MD (Sanatorios de la Trinidad, Argentina)         
  3. Indications of Mastopexy Vs Mastopexy Augmentation.
    Dr. Rieka Taghizadeh, MD (Spire Hospital, United Kingdom)        
  4. Markings for Breast Reduction, Superomedial Technique.
    Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MD (Dr Karishma Aesthetics, India)
  5. Breast Explantations, How do we manage them.
    Dr. Gustavo Abrile, MD (Clinica de Cirugía Plastica Dr. Gustavo Abrile, Argentina)


Module 04: Body Contour (60 minutes)
Moderator: Dr. Marcelo Maino, MD (Skin Centre, Brazil)


  1. Pearls and Pitfalls for a successful Body Liposuction & Stromal Enriched Lipograft.
    Dr. Aris Sterodimas, MD (Metropolitan General Hospital, Greece)
  2. Lipoabdominoplasty: Planning and Execution.
    Dr. Aditya Aggarwal, MD (Medanta the Medicity, India)
  3. Circumferential Abdominoplasty, Indications.
    Dr. Maria Wiedner, MD (Private Practice, Germany)
  4. Gluteal Augmentation, Anatomy and clinical correlations.
    Dr. Gustavo Abrile, MD (Clinica de Cirugía Plastica Dr. Gustavo Abrile, Argentina)
  5. Calf Augmentation surgery, Indications.
    Dr. Katarina Andjelkov, MD (Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia)

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