The Untapped Opportunity in Your Market – Marketing Plastic Surgery to Men

  • Posted on: Mar 3 2017
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Like it or not, when you ask people, men or women, about who’s more likely to have plastic surgery, odds are they will say “women.” Plastic surgery has been marketed to women extensively over the last 50 years, and to great effect. The stigma of plastic surgery has fallen away and now no one thinks twice about someone coming in for a quick lift – that is, no one who’s a woman.

The stigma of plastic surgery is still in place for men, though it is diminishing. Still, many men have a mistaken impression that it somehow isn’t masculine or manly to get a facelift or a fat removal procedure. This form of quiet social pressure tends to suppress men who would otherwise openly admit that they’ve had plastic surgery. But here is the thing, there are millions of men out there who are looking for the perfect plastic surgeon right now!

Despite the stigma, the demand for nose jobs, liposuction, facelifts and chin augmentation is huge. This means that there’s an incredible, untapped market out there, of men who want plastic surgery. And as that plastic surgery stigma starts to fall away, that number is growing. Marketing plastic surgery to men just makes good sense.

Plastic surgery is for everyone, but how does marketing plastic surgery to men differ from marketing to women?

Focus on rugged good looks

When many men think about plastic surgery, their mental image can be somewhat feminine – that the result is smooth and flawless. The personal beauty ideal for many men tends to run on the “rugged” side. They want their strong-featured good looks to be maintained, and worry that plastic surgery may make them look effeminate. By emphasizing “rugged good looks” in your marketing copy, you can immediately address these unspoken concerns. When you focus on natural-looking results, men will respond.

Focus on the energy of youth

Energy can help people to get better results in the job market and in business, and we tend to associate energy with youth. When some men age, their wrinkles and folds can give them a fatigued appearance. This less energetic look can actually hurt them at the office, affecting the impression of their performance. By getting a facelift, those folds vanish, and men can recover that air of youth and alertness. When men want to improve the perception of their business acumen, plastic surgery can be key.

Focus on “dad bods”

Raising kids is incredibly rewarding. It can also be very taxing on your looks. After a few years, many dads see weight gain and stress wrinkles start to appear for the first time in their lives. This can take a real toll on their self-esteem, like it would anyone. This untapped market of fathers can be tapped into by reminding dads of what they looked like before they had kids. Can they look like that again? Absolutely!

Focus on different niches

It should go without saying that all men are not the same. There are men out there who are fitness-oriented and want to lose their fat. There are professional men who want the energy of youth on their side. There are baby boomers, actors, recently divorced men and just those guys who want to look a little better than they do right now. When you develop your marketing, keep the wide variety of men in mind.

As our Global Survey results continue to show significant increases in the number of men seeking procedures, this under-served market represents a big opportunity for you to grow your practice. The only question remains – are you going to take advantage of it?

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