Twenty Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Plastic Surgery Practice

  • Posted on: Sep 2 2017
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Having an overabundance of patients is a luxury that most plastic surgery practices dream of. This is, unfortunately, rarely the case and competition for new patients can be cutthroat. In order to attract new patients to your plastic surgery practice, you need to utilize a mixture of effective marketing (both print and online), positive in-person interactions, reputation building, and improvements in your overall service. Here are twenty methods you can use to attract new patients to your clinic.


  1. Build Relationships

The number one way to attract new patients to your plastic surgery practice is to build strong relationships with your current ones. The power of referrals can do more to bring in new patients than almost any other method. If you have developed long-standing and positive relationships with existing patients, you can bet that your name will come up the next time someone mentions to them, “Wow, you’re looking great! Have you had any work done?”


  1. Know What Patients to Target

A scattershot method of advertising might attract some patients from all quarters, but by targeting your marketing to specific demographics, you can bring in many more of the patients that you want to have at your practice. Sure, having someone come in for a one-time procedure might be ok, but in a perfect world, you want to target those who will come in for multiple treatments over multiple years.


  1. Refine Your Social Media

Social media has gone from a good idea to an absolutely essential part of any plastic surgery practice’s marketing efforts. With constant updates to Facebook and Twitter, your practice will appear to be active and connected, engaged in the online conversation.


  1. Get in Contact with Former Patients

The nice thing about former patients is that they know you, know your services, and theoretically would like to take advantage of your skills again. By sending out “Just Checking In” emails or touching base in other ways, you might be able to bring former patients back into the fold.


  1. Keep Current with New Technologies

In the plastic surgery world, everyone wants the latest and greatest. If you aren’t offering the hottest, newest body contouring technology, odds are that you will be losing business to another plastic surgery clinic that does. Keep current and up-to-date with all new technological advances in cosmetic procedures, and if anything is both effective and popular, you should be offering it at your clinic.


  1. Use Local SEO

You want to make sure that your practice appears at the top of any local search results. You need to make sure that your website is properly optimized, so patients in your area will see the name of your clinic before any others. Being in the top 4 or 5 slots of search engine results is absolutely essential to attract new, local patients.


  1. Don’t Use Stock Photos in Your Advertisements

Promising genuine and natural looking results is an essential aspect of advertising for a plastic surgery practice. If you want to project an image of authenticity, you want to avoid stock photography in your advertisements. Photos of your clinic, your office staff, and you performing surgery will go much further to attract new clients than generic photos of young people smiling blankly at the camera.


  1. Have a Fantastic Desktop Website

Mainstream internet usage has been around for about 25 years. Having a fantastic website is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. If your plastic surgery practice’s website looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2005, it might be time to invest in a complete revamp to modernize the style and content to match what modern internet users will expect of a successful plastic surgery clinic.


  1. Have a Mobile-Optimized Website

Younger people are using their phones more and more to access the internet. Trying to use a desktop-optimized website on a smartphone is almost impossible, everything is too small, text is unreadable, etc. You need to make sure that you have a mobile-optimized version of your website ready for anyone who decides to check out your clinic on their phone. Potential clients might not really notice that you have a mobile optimized website, but they will sure notice if you don’t.


  1. Train Your Staff

Your staff is the frontline of your practice. If someone comes in off the street, it is your staff that they will be interacting with. If they feel alienated or unimpressed, they will walk out that door again in seconds. You want to make sure that your staff is friendly, helpful, and engaging, to keep prospective patients in your clinic and give them the information they need to make an informed decision about plastic surgery.


  1. Use Special Offers and Coupons

Everyone loves a deal. You can attract new patients who are always on the lookout for a bargain by offering monthly specials on a variety of procedures at your clinic. 10% off an expensive procedure won’t affect your bottom line too much, but luring in a new, repeat patient definitely will!


  1. Start a Blog

By starting a plastic surgery blog, you will be able to increase your reputation for being a knowledgeable, experienced plastic surgeon in your field. You are also creating content that is sharable online, giving you something to post to Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis.


  1. Use SnapChat/Other Streaming Video Apps

Many plastic surgeons have become famous through using SnapChat and other video streaming apps to promote their practice and broadcast procedures online. This can be a tricky world to break into, requiring constant promotion and a great deal of time invested, but the results can be worth it. If you build up an online following, you know who those prospective patients are going to be calling when they decide to get a little work done.


  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing, through the use of ezines, newsletters, or marketing emails, can keep you in touch with your patients and make sure they are informed about any recent news or developments at your practice. You don’t want to overwhelm your email list, which will simply make them want to drop your marketing emails in the SPAM folder. One email a month should be enough to keep you in contact with them and make sure that you are in the forefront of their minds the next time they decide to get a cosmetic surgery procedure.


  1. Build an Online Reputation

Yelp and other online review sites aren’t just for restaurants. If your patients are thrilled with their results, there is no shame in asking them to post an online review of you and your practice. These reviews will come up whenever someone does a search for your name, and the positive third-party referrals can seal the deal when it comes to deciding who a prospective patient wants to perform their procedure.


  1. Become a Member of ISAPS

ISAPS is the trusted resource for all things aesthetic. Not only are we a very high-profile and respected organization, but we also receive over 45,000 visits a month to our website from prospective patients looking for qualified plastic surgeons. By joining ISAPS, you will be demonstrating your ongoing commitment to excellence in aesthetics and patient safety. That can go a long way when you are trying to find new patients.


  1. Get Your Face Out There

Unsurprisingly, plastic surgery advertising can be all about the face. Specifically, your face. By including your face in all of your marketing efforts, you will become more than just a name to prospective patients. If they recognize you before they even meet you that gives you a leg up on the competition.


  1. Get Involved with Local Media

Another way to get your face out there is to become involved in local media. Perhaps consider offering your expertise to a local news station if they are doing a piece about plastic surgery. Local newspapers can be another great way to get your name and face out there in smaller media markets.


  1. Educate the Public

For many people, plastic surgery can be clouded in mystery. This sense of the unknown is one of the reasons many prospective patients decide not to go in for cosmetic procedures. By taking advantage of avenues to educate the public, such as blogs, local media, or simple one-on-one chats, you can help dispel the mystery of plastic surgery and help the public become more comfortable with the idea of getting some work done.


  1. Always Take Client Feedback

Listening to your patients is one of the best ways to bring in new patients. If you ask them for genuine feedback, with the goal of finding out exactly what you can do better, you will be able to improve your service, making future interactions with patients even smoother. Even if you disagree with their criticism, listen and carefully consider it. One-on-one patient feedback is one of the most valuable resources that you have.

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