Tips That Will Improve Engagement with Your Email Campaigns

At the heart of any effective digital marketing campaigns is email. Email marketing shows the highest return-on-investment of any marketing method, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. As an ISAPS Plastic Surgeon, email marketing should be top on your list of tactics to engage with your current patients and cultivate new ones.

Newcomers to email marketing often run into issues where the people on their email list don’t engage with their monthly digital newsletter or campaign. This is something that even veteran marketers sometimes struggle with, but there are ways that you can improve engagement with your email campaigns and connect with more of your patients than ever.

Build Up Your Email List
One effective method of improving engagement is to increase the size of the net you are casting.

The more people you have on your email list, the more people who will be receiving your marketing emails. You need to build up your email list in an organic way so that your email marketing efforts will be cost-effective and worth the time and energy you are putting into them.

First, try to get the email address of every patient who comes into your practice. These are people that you already know are interested in plastic surgery because, well, they are standing in your plastic surgery office! Sometimes, all these people need in order to come back in for another procedure or touch-up treatment is a well-crafted email reminding them about the quality of your services.

Next, you want to get the emails of every visitor to your website. You can do this through a newsletter signup call-to-action on your homepage. By itself, this is not very effective because the newsletter on its own is rarely enough of a return in exchange for one’s email address. But when paired with an effective opt-in like an ebook about plastic surgery or a special on services at your practice, many people will be happy to give you their email.

Craft a Great Subject Line
Before they click on your email, potential patients are going to see exactly two things. They are going to see who the email came from and they are going to see the subject line. If the subject line doesn’t catch their attention and curiosity, that email will be going straight into the trash bin.

Crafting a great subject line can be tricky, as certain strategies will work for different markets. In some, people might be engaged by a professional subject line. Others might want a more personal touch. And then there are those who find their attention grabbed by emojis!

Instead of picking one style of subject line and sticking with it, try using a different one with every eblast. Monitor the engagement of each to see which kind of subject line gets the most clicks by the patients you want to engage with. Then, use that information to start to refine your strategy.

Tell Them a Story
Dry, boring marketing copy is precisely what will make someone click the delete button. They don’t have time to read your advertisement talking about facelifts; they have stuff to do! The key to getting them reading an email and engaging with it is to tell them a story, instead of telling them plain facts. Keep in mind that you’re not just sending information to a list of recipients, you’re helping your readers, your audience, understand how you can help them.

Let’s take a facelift as an example. Instead of merely saying that a facelift can help rejuvenate the face, tell your readers a story about a patient who came into your practice looking older than her years. (You likely know a few of those – the story can be an amalgam of those patients, and of course, you’d never put any names to a story.) You can tell your readers about how she was incredibly nervous about getting plastic surgery, but her friends finally convinced her to give you a call for a consultation. Tell them about how well the procedure went and how smoothly she recovered. And then tell them about how thrilled she was with the results and how she even came back for more procedures after that.

One approach is just dry, boring facts, the other is an engaging story that includes facts, but makes them relevant and interesting. One gets deleted, the other gets engagement.

Polished Graphic Design
Plain text, no matter how well-written, is not going to engage an email recipient at first glance. They are going to look at it and think, “Ugh, this is going to take work to read.” To pull them in, you are going to have to think about the way your email is laid out. You want them to instantly find your email to be eye-catching and relevant to their interests.

You can do this through creating professional and polished graphics and refining the layout of your email. Instead of bunching your text together into dense paragraphs, spread it out with short paragraphs, no longer than three sentences. Pick a color scheme for your emails and stick with it. Make sure that your logo is prominent in the top left-hand corner of the email, so they will know exactly who it came from.

Another thing you need to be careful of is making sure that your emails will look great on mobile devices. Although this isn’t as big a problem as it used to be, as most email marketing services automatically adjust your emails for mobile, a responsive mobile design is something that you will want to check personally.

No one likes to get a form letter. They are boring, they are generic, and they aren’t specific to the needs of the reader. By adding a level of personalization to your email marketing campaigns, you will significantly increase engagement.

This could be as simple as including the name of the recipient in the subject line of the email. You could address them by their first name at the beginning of the text within. If you really want to make sure that they are getting personalized content, you could tailor whatever offers you include in your email campaigns to each recipient’s specific plastic surgery interests.

Split Testing
Split testing is an indispensable tool to email marketers. It is how you will learn what works and what doesn’t. It can also be a lot of fun!

With split testing, you divide your email list into a few different parts. Each part is going to get a variation on the exact same email. This variation could be a different subject line, a slightly different layout, or a different offer. What’s important is that there be only one small difference between them.

Later, you will be able to see which of the emails had the highest open rate. You can then base future emails off this one. As you continue to refine your approach using the data accumulated through split testing, you will be able to improve engagement with your email marketing bit by bit until you have an excellent idea exactly what kind of an email will work best in your local plastic surgery market!

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