Throwing Money Away? Uncover 5 Hidden Profit Centers in Your Practice

  • Posted on: Apr 3 2017
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Day in, day out, you manage a practice that prides itself on service, results and profits. While service and results are vital to growing your business, it’s the profits that allow you to truly reach a level where maintenance becomes routine, staff turnover is low, and patients’ referrals are never-ending. How can you achieve this “holy grail” of success in plastic surgery?


As a member of ISAPS, you’ve got access to a powerful worldwide network of colleagues who can guide you. Here, we uncover 5 hidden profit centers from the most successful aesthetic practices around the world.

First Impressions Count


You’ve invested money on your marketing to get your phone to ring, and when it does – one of three things can go wrong:


The call gets answered but the patient almost immediately gets put on hold (there’s no faster way to lose a prospective patient than by doing this)

The call is not answered live and goes to voicemail

The person answering the call is not knowledgeable about service offerings


Most physicians don’t even realize this might be happening. Implement a division of labor and never have the same person responsible both for answering your phones and for checking patients out. Both of these functions are extremely important to your sales process, and should never be combined.


Consistent and Timely Follow-Up


How regularly do you communicate with your existing patients? Are they made to feel special and given offers that are not available to new patients? If you’ve performed a facelift, is your patient also part of an ongoing special skin treatment program with you to protect their “investment”? They should never leave the office without a “book now” incentive for the next treatment. Activate an email campaign timed with holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and changing of seasons.


Women are the world’s “super-consumers.” According to a study conducted by Mass Mutual Financial Group, senior women age 50 and older control net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the nation’s financial wealth. Chances are if less than 80% of your patients aren’t returning to your practice for regular treatments and procedures, it’s not because they can’t afford them. It’s because they either don’t know about them or don’t see the value in them – both of which are marketing problems that can be easily fixed.


Have Past Patients Results Speak for You


Based on the success of your patients’ results, you can let them be a walking advertisement to the effective results of your practice. Stay in touch with them, incentivize them, take beautiful headshots of them and they’ll be happy to be an in-person referral.


Activate Social Media


You’re busy managing a team, running a business and performing surgery. Social media is nice to check when you can, but responding to messages and posting offers is a time-consuming and never-ending process. Thankfully, you can employ a marketing manager, social media pro or an agency that specializes in pushing out relatable content and offers, and can even respond to what customers are saying. Missing out on this gold mine is not something any modern practice can afford.


Mommy Makeovers Are a Must!


While women may make up the bulk of your practice, if you’re not seeing a lot of new moms, you’re also missing out. These women are stretched for time, while their bodies have been stretched through childbirth and nursing. Boost their confidence in their important new role by helping them feel fantastic with a subtle boost from breast augmentation and tummy tucks. Chances are, she’ll tell her other mom friends. You can even host a Mom’s Night, offering consults and special offers.


Each and every patient, whether new or recurring, must be made to feel special. By ensuring their process from check-in, to procedure, to check-out is seamless, helpful and rewarding, you can bet they’ll be showing and telling their friends where to go. They’ll love receiving special offers, advance notice of new treatments and the smiling and warm reception of your staff. By taking a few steps to ensure every member of your team is on point with patient care, you’ll have a truly profitable practice.


What ideas have worked for you? Share in the comments below and reap the rewards of this valuable network!

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