Thinking of Having Cosmetic Surgery This Year?

  • Posted on: Mar 3 2017
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A new year means that you’re probably thinking about making some changes in your life: perhaps a new look to give you a whole new outlook! Plastic surgery can give you both, and help ensure that your natural inner beauty is reflected in your outer appearance. In fact, maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve thought of it. “Next year,” you told yourself last year, and the year before that. What are you still waiting for? Make 2017 your year to make those changes you’ve been putting off for far too long.


Of course, there’s no shortage of plastic surgeons – choosing one among them can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry; finding the right plastic surgeon isn’t difficult, though it does require some time and research. True, you could simply enter “plastic surgeon” and your location into a web search engine… but then you’ll have thousands, if not millions, of results to search through. The ISAPS member directory gives you much more targeted results in a fraction of the time: all members have their practice information listed in the ISAPS surgeon directory, allowing you to search by geographic location and/or surgical specialties.


Any plastic surgeon to whom you consider entrusting your face and body should be certified by the supervisory medical board in the country where he or she practices. However, there are many different medical boards out there, often with similar-sounding names. It can be difficult to determine which certifying bodies are better than others. ISAPS makes it easy: 100% of their member surgeons are certified (or the equivalent) by the appropriate board and undergo a rigorous acceptance process in order to be admitted as members. Their level of training credentials in aesthetics goes far above and beyond those of a cosmetic surgeon. Additionally, plastic surgeons often specialize in particular types of procedures or areas of the face and body. You wouldn’t go to a nail salon for a haircut, correct? Similarly, if you want a facelift, don’t go to a doctor who usually performs abdominoplasty! Select a plastic surgery specialist who has expert training in the procedure(s) you want.


During your consult, ask how many such surgeries the surgeon has performed, and whether you can (if possible) examine before-and-after photos of his or her work. Ideally, this consult will take place in the plastic surgeon’s office, but since ISAPS has expert surgeons all over the world who work with an international clientele, many of them also offer virtual consults via video conferencing. This consult is absolutely the most important part of your selection process: you’re looking not only for skill and safety, but also a personality that builds trust. Is the surgeon really listening to you and asking you questions, or is he or she doing most of the talking? Are you being treated with professionalism and courtesy, or does the surgeon seem distracted or hurried?  Anyone who tries to “upsell” (pressures you to get additional procedures that you don’t really need or want) should be avoided – you want to be sure your surgeon is acting with your best interest in mind, not his or her own.


The first step on your journey to a brand-new you in 2017 begins at the ISAPS website. Let us help you find the right board-certified plastic surgeon who meets the highest international level of credentialing, experience, safety and commitment to ethical plastic surgery practices. With over 3200 expert surgeons in 103 countries, you’re sure to find the right surgeon to make this your year!

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