The Designer Derriere – Your Guide to Buttock Enhancement

Let’s thank stars like Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, Nicki Minaj and Selma Hayek for bringing the spotlight back to a woman’s curves! Fashion throughout the ages, for better or worse, has dictated certain trends for the shape of a woman’s body – from the cherub-like voluptuous temptress depicted in Renaissance paintings to the ultra-thin stick-like figure of Twiggy during the 70s – and practically everything in between. Today, as I’m sure you know, thanks to the Kardashian family, “the booty is back” and once again women are celebrating their natural assets – sometimes with a little help from a plastic surgeon.

Who Gets Buttock Surgery?

The first point to note is that buttock implants are certainly not just limited to women. Men and women seek out enhancement of their derriere – sometimes because they want more definition, or they want jeans to fit better on them, women to feel more feminine, men to feel more desired. Often patients who have had gastric by-pass surgery or have lost significant amounts of weight get buttock surgery, or patients are just regular people looking to improve their overall body proportions.

Options to Enhance Your Buttocks Through Cosmetic Surgery

1) Via Fat Injections

This procedure is commonly performed today, and combines liposuction with injections of the patient’s own fat – into the buttocks. However, a big word of caution in regard to patient safety: this can be an extremely dangerous procedure unless performed by a highly trained aesthetic surgeon such as an ISAPS Plastic Surgeon with experience in this area.

When performed correctly, it can be a wonderful procedure, resulting in greater “accuracy” of the fat transfer and highly customized shaping that provides smoother results. Once a patient has healed, he or she may have a smaller waistline, differently shaped buttocks (rounder and fuller) and even more curve in the hips. So why is this procedure called a Butt-Lift? Because the buttocks will appear “lifted” through the placement of the transferred fat.

2) Using Buttock Implants

Like breast implants, buttock implants are also made of silicone, but are specially designed for the buttock. They can be placed above or inside the gluteus muscle, and may be used on their own or in combination with fat injections.

How to Keep Your New Shape

Once you’ve had your buttock augmentation or Brazilian butt lift, over a period of a few months to 12 months, you’ll see your “final” result.

Why is “final” in quotes? Because your results over time will rely on several things, including how you maintain your weight, and your body tone. The relocated fat will act like fat anywhere else in your body – if you gain weight, you’ll likely gain weight in the injected areas also, and vice versa if you lose weight.

If you’re considering a buttock augmentation, then it is critical that you choose a highly qualified surgeon with the right training and expertise. Start your plastic surgery journey with an #ISAPSPlasticSurgeon, and visit our website at and search our member directory to find one near you!

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